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Pocket Bruce

By Brite-Lite Ideas Inc.released on:2009-07-05T01:26:50Z


Get this "AMAZING" app NOW While it's FREE!
Laughs & Fun for EVERYONE!

"u2713This Bruce Lee Soundboard welcomes you to the exhilarating sounds of the "Little Dragon." This soundboard features 24 classic sound clips of everyone's favorite martial artist. It's really the only Kung Fu master that one person should ever have on their iPhone and iPod Touch (2nd gen+).

"u2713The soundboard has been strategically designed to be sleek with simple press-and-play functionality. The high-quality audio and loud sound clips ensure everyone can hear it without resorting to ear buds. It works tremendously well as an ice breaker or at any social function.

"u2713Starts-up quick and fast!! Guaranteed, you will experience many laughs and "classic" Bruce one-liners, with friends and family— so have FUN and ENJOY!

Pocket Bruce is meant to be used solely for entertainment purposes only. By downloading this software, you agree that Brite-Lite Ideas, Inc. is not responsible for use of this product once downloaded to your hand-held device. Please enjoy this app wisely and responsibly.

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By Toughturtlereleased on:2008-12-03T12:07:38Z

Dot LITE lets you be an artist by creating pictures with multi-colored dots on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Select a dot from the color panel and simply touch the screen to fill in one of over 800 holes. It's that simple!

Three design options for endless possibilities...
1."tInvent your own design on the blank screen.
2."tImport an image from your Photo Album to use as a designing pattern.
3."tChoose one of the included patterns to help you create your masterpiece.

Dot LITE is limited version of Dot, which is a modern take on a 1960's-1970's childhood classic. It differs from related games available on the App Store by featuring smaller peg holes that permit more intricate designs and allows for your own photos to be used as a pattern guide!

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Lamp Light

By Brite-Lite Ideas Inc.released on:2009-06-07T10:53:10Z


This app is a revolutionary unique idea... BRAND NEW IDEA!


"u2713 Lamp Light is an exciting new app that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch (2nd Gen+) into a simple lamp light to help find your way in a dark setting. It starts up quickly, giving you an extremely bright light!

"u2713 Just pull on the lamp chain (TAP with your finger or use a dragging motion) to turn the bright lamp ON or OFF. It is also a great tool for those boring meetings to help punctuate a "bright" idea.

"u2713 Tap on the small icon in the bottom left corner to get to the settings page. There you can choose which sounds to play when your bright light shines (e.g. click of a switch). We know you will enjoy the default "Great Idea!" sound effect.

"u2713 Simple and Amazingly bright
"u2713 Beautifully rendered interface
"u2713 Realistic 'CLICK' sound
"u2713 Different sound effects for different situations
"u2713 Functional (provides light plus an entertaining sound)
"u2713 Option SETTINGS Page (can "MUTE" it also)
"u2713 Can bring a smile to friends' faces

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LED Paint

By Foxreleased on:2009-10-19T05:57:27Z

UPDATED: You are able to share your paintings with your friends by Email now.
This app enables you to Light Bright LEDs with your fingers and share them with your friends...

There are so many painting programs in the PC or mobile world, but do you ever think drawing a picture using LED lights?

Here is a good example which you may try to experience. With this small application, you can draw every kinds of pictures, such as text based or ad painting board like ones... After finishing the design, you can save your creation into the photo album by clicking the action button and share it with your friends...


* draw with LED
* colorful LED (numerous colors)
* random colors
* easy eraser
* save project to photo album
* shake to clear paint board
* full screen paint board
* auto orientation

* Light-Bright mode
In the Light-Bright mode, the LEDs are stuck in place, as in restricted to perfectly aligned rows and lines... that way you can create some cool pixel art stuff and it would be easier for precise drawing.

* Import Photos from the Album
Import photos from your Photo Album and generates Light-Bright based pictures in one second.


1. Launch the application by clicking the LED Paint icon.

2. Bottom side panel is the toolbar. Push and slide on the color panel to change the color, you can see the selected LED on the left.

3. Click or drag your finger on the area outside of the toolbar to start design.

4. Click the LED in front of the color panel to switch modes (free draw or light-bright).

5. The toolbar will automatically disappear to make fullscreen. Click the 'i' icon to restore the toolbar.

6. Click the Eraser icon in front of the color panel to switch eraser mode (draw or eraser).

7. After finishing the design, click the Action button on the bottom right corner to save your creation. Select 'Clear Painting Board' to clear current and restart the design.

8. Click 'Import from Photo Album' to import pictures to the design area.

9. Shaking the iPhone/iPod may also clear the paiting board.

10. Place to landscape orientation to start landscape design.


Finally, we really hope you enjoy this application.

This are several updates for this program although, many exciting features will be added soon in the coming versions.

Please give us a positive review or good rating if you feel this application useful. That will be definitely helpful to improve the application and will be greatly appreciated!

* If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us by emailing to: *

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PegLight FREE

By Knert Softwarereleased on:2009-06-09T01:21:29Z

PegLight is a simple to use drawing program which lets you create peg style art. Simply choose a color and either tap your drag your finger! You can also zoom in by pinching anywhere on the screen.

- Pinch to Zoom
- Autosave (in case you receive a phone call!)
- 6 different colors

If you like PegLight FREE, please check out "PegLight" which has a lot more features!

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Tizzle Cowboys and Indians Lite

By Tiger Stripes LLCreleased on:2010-09-27T06:35:56Z

Tizzle: Cowboys & Indians is one of the most exciting children's and toddler apps ever. In a friendly setting of friendly cowboys and Indians, Tizzle helps teach spatial arrangement and is loads of fun. With exhilarating animations and exciting gameplay, Cowboys and Indians is sure to be your Kids favorite game! Howdy Partner!

Get Full Version - Ad Free!

Tiger Stripes LLC is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 1-3, 4-7
Categories: Early Learning, Music, Creative Play, Games

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Audio Flashlight for iPhone 4

By PosiMotionreleased on:2010-07-13T05:57:53Z

This is a FREE Flashlight designed specifically for the iPhone 4 - the ONLY Flashlight with AUDIO STROBE.
It allows you to turn on and off the iPhone 4 LED flash at will, for use in dark areas.

Basic Flashight Function
AUDIO STROBE - Allowing for the LED to strobe to the sounds around you. Works great with music!
TIME STROBE - Allowing for the LED to strobe at different frequencies with adjustable slider.
Lightning FAST loading time!

Perfect for finding your keys, walking up and down stairs, and maneuvering in pitch black locations.

Continued use of the iPhone's LED may decrease battery life.

Follow us:

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JetSet Expenses Lite

By BriteMac LLCreleased on:2009-03-07T08:32:58Z

JetSet Expenses Lite is an advertising supported free version of JetSet Expenses sold on the iTunes store.

** Macworld gives JetSt Expenses 4 out of 5 stars **

** See JetSet Expenses featured at your local Apple store! **

This version is fully functional and contains the following features:


-Quick expense category selection with JetSet's unique visual icons. 15 major expense categories and 100+ sub-expense categories allowing you to easily choose and classify expenses without typing.

- JetSet Expenses supports up to 6 different customizable payment types. You can now mark your individual expense with the credit card of your choice.

- Complete mileage support. You can set up allowances for business, medical, charity and one you define. You can use the build in mileage editor to easily track the odometer readings as required by tax authorities around the world.

- Summary expense report provides a daily summary of expenses and a complete listing of all individual expenses with totals. A section of the report also provides breakout of expenses by payment type. Payment types you can customize.

- Support for your iPhone international settings. JetSet Expenses now respects your local currency and local date formatting.

- Built in business calculator with percent key that can be used to record expense amounts and split expenses, and can be used as a stand-alone calculator within the program.

- Expense comments section provides one-touch access to the iPhone Address Book allowing user to select names associated with business expense receipts for all expense types.

- Smart Start/End Dates that change as you enter and delete expenses.

- Improved user interface with features that do not get in your way. You can enter as much or as little data as you need.

- Compatibility with Google Spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel and Numbers using a simple cut and paste to copy data.

- Complete support for emailing your expense reports using the built in iPhone mail client.

Limitations of the Lite version:
- Ability to only create and use a single expense report at a time.
- The inability to upload directly to Google Docs; a feature found in JetSet Expenses.
- Built in airline, hotel and rental database is only available for use in adding/editing an expense item. In the full version you can look up hotels, airlines and rental car companies and contact them via telephone or by web.
-The application will not support setting an expense as billable.
- The application will not support setting an expense as non-reimbursable. All expenses are assumed to be reimbursable.
- Limited Reporting. The full version provides two major layout formats and has options to turn specific features of the report on and off.
- The receipt camera features are only available in JetSet Expenses and not in the Lite edition.
- The Lite edition will not be upgraded to support multiple currencies. This is a feature that will be in the next major release of JetSet Expenses.

Note: It is not possible to transport your data from the Lite edition to the full edition due to the way the SDK is designed.

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Pocket Flashcards Addition

By Brite-Lite Ideas Inc.released on:2009-06-28T08:21:47Z




"u2713 Addition Flash Cards in your Pocket!
"u2713 Great for kids ages 4 to 15
"u2713 Improve memory / Increase kid's math calculation speed!
"u2713 Great for teachers!
"u2713 Easy to use and simple.
"u2713 Young ones can now learn math on the go (in the car)!

"u2713Practice your ~ ADDITION ~ skills with Pocket Flashcards on your iPhone or iPod Touch (2nd gen.) A great learning tool for that extra reinforcement. Play by yourself, in a group, and/or competitive against a friend or classmate.

"u2713The vertical, easy-to-read,equations make this hands-on math manipulative perfect for one-on-one tutoring, small group exercises, and learning centers. Features Addition math equation on one side and TAP the screen for answer to appear on the other.

"u2713Pocket Flashcards ~ ADDITION ~ is Fun to play with friends, parents, and kids. It is the BEST portable solution to practice your ~ ADDITION ~ skills---anytime, anywhere!

"u2713 Recommended for fans of strategy games such as Memory, Tetris, Bejeweled, ESPN Cameraman, Photo Hunt, Poison / iPoison and Simon Says!

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SlickShopper Lite

By BriTer Ideas LLCreleased on:2009-08-01T08:13:02Z

Are you looking for a basic grocery list app? Or perhaps you seek a program with a little more power? Either way, wouldn't you like an application that helps you both in planning the list, and during a shopping trip? Great news! SlickShopper Lite is all of that and more!

Combining powerful sorting and searching capabilities, along with numerous customizable options, SlickShopper Lite can support a wide range of typical use cases. Ever return home from a shopping trip only to realize you forgot to buy something? SlickShopper Lite can help by providing a room-by-room listing of items you have previously purchased. Want to get an idea of how much your next shopping trip will cost? SlickShopper Lite will estimate your total as you build your list. Don't care about prices? Turn them off!

SlickShopper Lite is offered as a free try-before-you-buy option for the full paid version of SlickShopper. As such, it has some limitations that are not found in the paid version, and is lacking newer capabilities such as landscape support. However, it should be more than adequate to get a feel for how SlickShopper works. Test out the lite version, then upgrade to the paid version to unleash the full power and feature set of SlickShopper.

- Organize your list by the rooms in your house/apartment. This is a great way to see things you've purchased before, so you don't forget to add them to your list for your next shopping trip.
- Sort your list three different ways: 1) Alphabetically, 2) Custom, and 3) "u2018Smart' store order or house order.
- Categories take the pain out of locating an item. Define a location one time, then similar items will automatically know where to go!
- In-app settings mean you don't have to leave the program to change your preferences. Customize the way the program works to best suit your needs!

Need some help getting started? Tutorial videos are available on our web site:

We are eager to receive your feedback! Questions, comments, feature requests, bug reports, etc. Contact links are in the app (Manage tab -> About SlickShopper Lite), and on our web site.

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Peg Lights

By Dean Huffreleased on:2009-11-23T10:23:05Z

Flash back to your childhood and have fun with this classic app. With Peg Lights, you can design and color your own beautiful artwork or choose from templates included in the app.

Your kids will love playing with this timeless app!

Features include:
- Clean user interface with white background.
- Includes tons of template art to color with your peg lights.
- Clear screen button.
- Eraser "X" option to clear one peg at a time.

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Flashlite Free

By Inner Four, Inc.released on:2009-10-31T02:38:40Z

This is an application dedicated to anyone who has stubbed their toe fumbling.

Around in the dark. This handy, easy to use app is perfect for a sleepy user on their.

Way to bed or early in the morning, just open the app and flick the phone and your.

Path is lit and clear!!

Works with all versions of the iPhone and iTouch devices using OS 2.0 and greater.

Any reference to any third-party products, services, names, or other information, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, developer, supplier or otherwise, is for convenience or comparison only, and does not constitute nor imply endorsement, affiliation, or sponsorship thereof. All characters, names, titles, likeness, and other content used or depicted in this product (even those based on real products or real people, either living or dead) are entirely fictional. Any similarity to actual products, or persons either living or dead, is purely coincidental. Any coincidental likeness and or voices are not real. This product is for entertainment purposes only and is not authorized or endorsed. All trademarks, service marks, product, service, or other names mentioned herein, are the property of their respective owners, and no claim is made to any such mark, product, service or other name.

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