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CNN App for iPhone (International)

By CNN Interactive Group, Inc. released on: 2010-12-14T06:19:37Z

The power of CNN International in your hands

Designed and developed exclusively for the iPhone™ and iPod touch"u00ae

Get breaking news alerts and the most important headlines of the day with regional news and weather from the palm of your hands. With the CNN App, you can also iReport on the move using the iPhone's advanced photo and video capabilities.

Breaking news, top stories, world and regional news, business, sports, entertainment, technology and more
Story highlights or full articles

Breaking News Alerts
Find out immediately when news breaks
Breaking news alerts pushed to your home screen

Top video from all categories, most popular and more
Optimized for your connection

Regional News and Weather
Regional headlines
Current weather conditions and 10-day forecasts

CNN iReport
Contribute to CNN's coverage on stories that are important to you
View, record and submit video and photo iReports directly from your phone

Follow & Share Stories
Follow topics that most interest you
Be alerted when story updates are published
Sharing via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook

The CNN App is an ad-supported application and works on all iPhone/iPod touch Operating Systems and is optimized for OS 4.0.

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War Books

By BTN released on: 2011-04-26T08:51:40Z

This app contains a lot of book about war.

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\u0645\u0643\u062a\u0628\u0629 \u0646\u0648\u0646

By New Thinkers released on: 2011-06-18T05:24:48Z

"u0627"u0643"u0628"u0631 "u0645"u0643"u062a"u0628"u0629 "u0639"u0631"u0628"u064a"u0629 "u0639"u0644"u0649 "u0645"u062a"u062c"u0631 "u0627"u0628"u0644 "u0648"u0627"u0644"u0645"u062a"u0627"u062c"u0631 "u0627"u0644"u0627"u0644"u0643"u062a"u0631"u0648"u0646"u064a"u0629

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Alarabiya Video

By Media Wonders released on: 2011-03-16T04:05:50Z

Alarabiya video application allow users to stay informed on the go and
able to access alarabiya news and watch the channel main news and
shows anytime anywhere, users can watch today's videos or search the
channel archive - alarabiya is the leading Arabic news channel in the
Middle East.

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Music Books

By BTN released on: 2011-05-03T06:57:02Z

This app contains book about Music

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Emirates Destination Radio

By Emirates released on: 2011-03-29T01:27:20Z

With more than 100 destinations worldwide, Emirates has always helped you discover the world's most amazing places. Now with Emirates Destination Radio, you can discover the music that makes these destinations so unique - right on your iPhone.

Listen to 97 live stations from across 6 continents. Give your globetrotting a soundtrack. Tune into the airwaves from back home. Or, just sit back, relax and enjoy a melody from halfway around the world, including stations in:

The Far East
The Americas
The Asian Subcontinent
Australia and New Zealand

You could also win two tickets to anywhere we fly when you download Emirates Destination Radio today. See official rules for details:

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Myth Books

By BTN released on: 2011-03-31T10:19:06Z

Contains a lot of Myth books

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Arabic To English Dictionary

By iComet released on: 2010-12-17T10:16:30Z

Arabic To English Dictionary has common words that we use in our daily life. It's very helpful for fast learners whose native language is Arabic and want to learn English.


- 50,000 + Words
- Most Commonly Used Arabic Words
- Fast Search Capability
- No Need for Internet Connection
- User Friendly Interface.
- Bookmark your words that you learned.

"u0644"u0642"u0627"u0645"u0648"u0633 "u0627"u0644"u0639"u0631"u0628"u064a "u064a"u062d"u062a"u0648"u064a "u0639"u0644"u0649 "u0643"u0644"u0645"u0627"u062a "u0634"u0627"u0626"u0639"u0629 "u0646"u0633"u062a"u062e"u062f"u0645"u0647"u0627 "u0641"u064a "u062d"u064a"u0627"u062a"u0646"u0627 "u0627"u0644"u064a"u0648"u0645"u064a"u0629"u0632 "u0625"u0646"u0647 "u0645"u0641"u064a"u062f "u062c"u062f"u0627"u064b "u0644"u0644"u0642"u0627"u062f"u0631"u064a"u0646 "u0639"u0644"u0649 "u0627"u0644"u062a"u0639"u0644"u0645 "u0628"u0633"u0631"u0639"u0629 "u0648"u0627"u0644"u0630"u064a"u0646 "u062a"u0639"u062a"u0628"u0631 "u0627"u0644"u0644"u063a"u0629 "u0627"u0644"u0639"u0631"u0628"u064a"u0629 "u0644"u063a"u062a"u0647"u0645 "u0627"u0644"u0623"u0645 "u0648 "u064a"u0631"u063a"u0628"u0648"u0646 "u0641"u064a "u062a"u0639"u0644"u0645 "u0627"u0644"u0644"u063a"u0629 "u0627"u0644"u0625"u0646"u062c"u0644"u064a"u0632"u064a"u0629

For Arabic keyboard follow the following steps in your iPhone/iPod Touch Settings.

Settings->General->Keyboard->International Keyboards->Add New Keyboard->Arabic

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By Livestation released on: 2011-03-16T04:38:44Z

Livestation, the acclaimed live news service finally comes to the App Store. Even better, thanks to AirPlay you can now use it to connect wirelessly to your Apple TV. Goodbye cable!

Where were you when the last major news event broke? Chances are you got stuck somewhere glued to the nearest TV set. With the Livestation app you don't need to be - just take it with you as you head to work, ride the bus or go to the shops.

Bringing you all the best international live news channels, Livestation's new iPhone and iPad app makes it easier than ever to keep up to date with what is happening around the world, from all perspectives.

Livestation app for iPhone and iPad is built on our proven video platform, which already served millions of hours of live coverage for Al Jazeera, BBC World News and CNBC over the past 12 months. To keep it free, it is advertising supported.

Al Jazeera's groundbreaking coverage of the Middle Eastern uprising has drawn attention from the biggest news institutions, and may even be their catalyst to carriage on US cable networks, but until this happens, one of the only places you can get this channel is on Livestation.

Reviews of Livestation's other applications:
BBC World News Live ★★★★★ - "Excellent app! It works great, the video is as smooth and clear as live TV. Amazing - worth recommending it!"

Al Jazeera English ★★★★★ - "This is a great app, Freedom to watch the latest news any time....and it's free.... technology in your pocket."

Al Jazeera Arabic ★★★★★ - "Excellent app. Simple and works perfectly. Finally it has arrived"

English Language Channels
* BBC News / BBC World News
* Bloomberg
* Euronews
* France 24
* Al Jazeera English
* RT (Russia Today)
* Press TV
* BBC Parliament (UK only)

International Language Channels
* Al Jazeera Arabic & Mubasher
* Al Arabiya Arabic
* BBC Arabic
* Euronews (all languages)
* France24 (all languages)
* Democratic Voice of Burma
* Al Aan

Special Interest Channels
* Intelligence Squared (live debates)
* Frontline Club

...more channels added regularly

Some channels are restricted by geography. Sorry if your favourite channel is not available in your area!

Coming soon:
* Breaking news alerts, just like our Livestation Desktop Player
* Video on demand clips from our partners
* Access to your Livestation premium channel purchases

Please be aware that while our app is free to download and use, live video can consume a considerable amount of data, which, if you're not on an unlimited data tariff might start to cost you money. Please check with your cellular provider if you're in any doubt.

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By Ali Atlasi released on: 2010-09-17T04:26:21Z

This is a news reader app which brings all the news from BBC Arabic website. In this app you can read all the latest news, listen to the live radio and radio programs, watch TV reports, and comment on the latest news.

This app will be updated regularly, so if you have any feedback please let us know.

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By The Jerusalem Post released on: 2011-05-12T10:31:55Z

The ultimate Jerusalem Post experience:

JPost's application for iPhone or iPod touch is the most complete source for your news on Israel, the Middle East, the Jewish world and much much more!

The applications grants you access to Jerusalem Post's Premium Zone, and basic JPost features such as:
* Headlines
* Breaking news
* Top stories
* Sharing via e-mail, Facebook an Twitter
* All of the categories

The Premium Zone Includes:
* All the Weekend supplements:
-The weekend Magazine
-In Jerusalem
-Metro, featuring fascinating, in-depth articles from all over Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world.
* The Jerusalem Report: read exclusive articles from this editorially independent and highly acclaimed newsmagazine. Bridging the gap between Israel and the Diaspora, the Report features original journalism that casts a shrewd eye on the Middle East.
* The Experts: The Premium Zone op/eds columnists comprise a unique panel of experts, ranging from ambassadors, Members of Knesset and business tycoons. Exclusive for Premium Zone subscribers and updated daily, our mavens analyze current affairs with an insider's perspective.
* ePaper: The fast, easy way to read an exact digital replica of the printed newspaper every day. Get all the stories in a "u2018turn-page' format from today's Jerusalem Post - even before they're released on our Web site.
* Shape the news you want to see: The Premium Zone affords optimal reader-participation for molding its content. Only PZ subscribers can contact our Experts directly, submit questions for our interviews, suggest guest columnists or 20 Questions interviewees - our goal is to involve our readers to become a part of the media platform.
* Exclusive Content from Jerusalem Post publications:
-Christian Edition, with news articles, opinion columns and features.
-Dash, a youth magazine aimed at introducing teenagers to their heritage.
-Ivrit, featuring Jerusalem post stories in three levels of easy Hebrew.

Send your comments and suggestions to

Yedioth Information Technologies

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NewsShare (Middle East)

By Fonoklik Iletisim Hizmetleri AS released on: 2011-02-08T03:51:26Z

NewsShare is the ultimate free news app with local language sources from all over the world. When launched, it detects the country you are located in, and offers to show news from sources in that country. You can also choose to view news from over 50 other countries, in over 20 languages, simply by clicking on a map, or selecting from a list.

NewsShare also gives you multiple ways to share interesting news with others:

* Email
* Facebook
* Twitter

NewsShare continuously analyzes which articles are read most, and will occasionally send you push alerts, so you will not miss a developing story.

NewsShare displays articles from the following countries in the m"u0130ddle East, as well as many others:

* Egypt (Arabic)
* Israel (English & Hebrew)
* Lebanon (Arabic)
* Saudi Arabia (Arabic)
* United Arab Emirates (Arabic)

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By GPS City Guide released on: 2011-06-09T01:24:09Z

PocketGuide Audio Travel Guide is the first application that guides you with voice through the city just like a real tour guide. During the trip it can record your activity and with one click create an amazing 3D video with all your experiences.

Let the City Talk to You!

PocketGuide presents a collection of audio tours of the best locations and insider hangouts in Europe's cultural capitals. With different thematic tours available in a continuously growing number of European cities, there will always be something to fit your interest; alternatively you are free to wander around the city, letting PocketGuide inform you when an interesting site is nearby. All of the tours are developed by the best local tour guides who know their cities like no one else. This intuitive application guides you with voice navigation, and fits comfortably in your pocket.

Download it!
Next time you're planning a trip simply start PocketGuide, choose your destination city, pick the tours you like and get ready to experience and explore like never before!

Why PocketGuide?

BECAUSE IT IS LIKE A REAL TOUR GUIDE"u2028 - It shows you around in the most amazing and exciting parts of town just like a good tour-guide would do

BECAUSE IT IS EASY TO USE - It will guide you with clear audio cues and once you approach a sight, it automatically starts to tell you about it

BECAUSE IT HELPS YOU TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES - During your tour you can take photos, add comments, from what PocketGuide automatically creates a 3D video that you can easily share with your friends

BECAUSE OUR CONTENT IS MADE BY PROFESSIONALS - Our content is made by the best local tour-guides, who exactly know what is worth seeing

BECAUSE IT HEPS YOU FIND WHATEVER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR - "u2028if you are tired you can easily pick from a list of the best restaurants and caf"u00e9s around you

BECAUSE IT DOESN'T REQUIRE INTERNET CONNECTION - "u2028Once you downloaded the contents, the application works in offline mode as well so that you don't have to pay for roaming charges

Available cities:
Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bratislava, Brussels, Budapest, Debrecen, Dublin, Cork, Krakow, London, Paris, Potsdam, Prague, Rome, Szentendre, Vienna, Waterloo

Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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AXA Middle East SAL - Motor Insurance 1.0

By AXA Middle East SAL released on: 2011-07-24T11:29:22Z

AXA Middle East
AXA Middle East enjoys a one century experience in Lebanon and a sound partnership with one of the world leaders in Insurance and Financial Protection. Thanks to AXA's support, we were able to benefit from the group's worldwide experience.

We are now ready to launch new, modern and developed life insurance products as well as insurance products intended for individuals. Our objective is that AXA Middle East becomes as soon as possible a pioneer in the region as it is the case in Lebanon today.

This motor application will allow you to have information in regards to the Motor Insurance products (Standard and Luxe).
Moreover, this enable you to send a Claim form to AXA's Claim center, from your I-phone or I-Pad.
It includes:
Information about AXA (Historical Overview, Profile, Commitments, Strategy, AXA Prevention, AXA Health Coaching)
Useful numbers (AXA Middle East, Agencies & Branches, AXA Garage List)
Motor Insurance products (Standard and Luxe), with their coverages
The registration/submission of a claim online, directly to AXA Middle East's claim center, from your I-phone or I-Pad.

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By Touch Mobile Design released on: 2010-04-30T06:29:25Z

Install now before it's too late! You are going to laugh and see shocking content that is worth much more than a measly 99 cents, much less FREE!

Get the new and improved LiveLeak v 1.2! Search is HERE! We are constantly adding user-requested features to this app, plus new videos are added every single day!

** What others are saying **
"Everyone knows live leak has awesome/funny/gross/cool videos... this app gives it a fun & easy interface to watch videos"

"Hilarious way to kill a few spare minutes here and there"

LiveLeak for iPhone has the coolest video clips. Need a media snack ? Munch on some LiveLeaks !!

LiveLeak Mobile gives you access to videos.
Pure Citizen Journalism from around the world served hot and fresh on your iPhone. We update Daily.

++++++Breaking News Addicts+++++
Subscribe to App Push Notifications and we will keep you updated on the best vids. Hilarious videos served to you daily to make you smile. We know that Leakers love staying on top of all the breaking videos, stay connected with notifications.

+++++++Unbiased Media+++++++
See videos uploaded directly from Leaker's cell phones. Watch real videos taken by real people !! Don't eat up that crap that Fox and MSNBC feed you, see news in its raw form. Watch events in their unfiltered glory. The coolest stories, the pent up secrets, events in far off corners of the earth all eventually Leaks.

This app is free so what do you have to loose ? Install it Now !!

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Al Hayat Newspaper

By Al Hayat News Paper released on: 2011-02-14T09:47:41Z


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RT Arabic

By Next Dimension Communications Corporation released on: 2010-11-13T12:00:42Z

Watch RT Arabic news live wherever you are, on your iPhone!
RT Arabic - news in Arabic from Russia is a new project from an old friend.
We will bring you stories from around the world you won't expect, from the great achievements and grave problems, to interesting people and the exploration of new technologies.
Download the application and access RT Arabic Live TV coverage, RSS feeds and programs on demand (VOD).

RT Arabic Live
Watch RT Arabic live news coverage on any wireless connection. News, Discussion Programmes, Interviews as well as Documentaries. Besides, on air exclusively You can enjoy Russian feature films in the Arabic language.

RSS feeds
Follow the latest news in politics, business, sports, culture or science with RT Arabic RSS feeds:
- Politics
- Business
- Culture
- Science and Technologies
- Sports

Watch best of RT Arabic whenever you want with VOD.

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Gulf News

By Verve Wireless, Inc. released on: 2011-01-12T08:33:41Z

Download and read the top local, regional and international News, Business, Sports, Entertainment & Arts and Life & Style coverage from Gulf News. View the latest picture galleries and watch the newest videos released from GNTV.
Enjoy unparalleled coverage of UAE news from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah and from the Arabian Gulf and beyond. All this, conveniently at your fingertips.

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Dubai City Guide - Guidepal

By Guidepal released on: 2010-06-16T04:48:45Z

People Make Places. The Guidepal Dubai City Guide is, as all other Guidepal Guides, compiled for the people by the people. Trust our localized social networks and you'll be a local in every city you find yourself in.

We're serious about intelligent globe-trotting. Hence, Guidepal is 100% offline to avoid those pesky roaming charges.

Whether you fancy a museum visit or a superb restaurant, download the Guidepal Dubai Guide for Free and get the inside track. Meet your global needs with a finely-tuned localised mentality.

Put us to the test. We've got your back.


Augmented Reality Technology
100% offline - Including maps. Goodbye Roaming charges.


by Carol (July 19, 2010)
Got us to several great spots we never would have found otherwise. Excellent app for anyone who is planning for a trip. Good food, shopping & attractions options.

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By Splaysoft, LLC. released on: 2009-09-24T04:20:06Z

Been there, from there, love there, live there?

Show your pride in your heritage, homeland or favorite place to visit with mySaudiArabia.

- Share messages and photos with other users. You will also see comments/photos posted by other users.

So have some fun, and share your pride and insight about your country (or adopted country) with your fellow countrymen and visitors.

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Israel MFA

By GOV.IL ISRAEL GOVERNMENT released on: 2010-07-01T11:38:17Z

Get up-to-date information directly from Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs right to your iPhone. Access the Information Department of the Israeli Foreign Ministry's app in order to receive the latest official news from the website, newsroom, featured videos, and photos of current events going on in Israel and the Middle East.

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bisara7a radio

By antonio draiby released on: 2010-04-29T12:26:19Z

bisara7a online radio is broadcasting LIVE from Beirut, Lebanon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Download now bisara7aradio application and enjoy ARABIC best live music! For more information visit our website

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Talk Arabic Lite

By PakData released on: 2010-11-05T12:50:01Z

Comprehensive English to Arabic Phrase book with audio.
Select desired sentence in English and hear/view it in Arabic.
Hundreds of words and phrases organized in 59 categories. Lite version has selected words from full version. Fast search to find the phrase for situation.
Categories like 'At the railway station', 'At the restaurant' make it very easy to use.
Great for persons learning Arabic or travelling to Arab countries.

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\u0622\u062e\u0631 \u0627\u0644\u0623\u062e\u0628\u0627\u0631

By gSoft Technology Solutions released on: 2011-05-31T10:49:56Z

"u0645"u0639 "u062a"u0633"u0627"u0631"u0639 "u0627"u0644"u0623"u062d"u062f"u0627"u062b "u0641"u064a "u0627"u0644"u0648"u0637"u0646 "u0627"u0644"u0639"u0631"u0628"u064a "u0648"u0627"u0644"u0634"u0631"u0642 "u0627"u0644"u0623"u0648"u0633"u0637"u060c "u0641"u0625"u0646 "u0647"u0630"u0627 "u0627"u0644"u062a"u0637"u0628"u064a"u0642 "u064a"u0628"u0642"u064a"u0643 "u0639"u0644"u0649 "u0627"u0637"u0644"u0627"u0639 "u0643"u0627"u0645"u0644 "u0628"u0643"u0644 "u0645"u0627 "u0647"u0648 "u062c"u062f"u064a"u062f "u0641"u064a "u0647"u0630"u0647 "u0627"u0644"u0645"u0646"u0637"u0642"u0629.
"u062e"u0635"u0627"u0626"u0635 "u0627"u0644"u062a"u0637"u0628"u064a"u0642:
- "u0639"u0631"u0636 "u0623"u062d"u062f"u062b "u0627"u0644"u0623"u062e"u0628"u0627"u0631 "u0627"u0644"u0645"u062a"u0639"u0644"u0642"u0629 "u0628"u0627"u0644"u0645"u0646"u0637"u0642"u0629.
- "u0625"u0645"u0643"u0627"u0646"u064a"u0629 "u0633"u0645"u0627"u0639 "u0627"u0644"u0623"u062e"u0628"u0627"u0631 "u0635"u0648"u062a"u064a"u0627 "u0639"u0646 "u0637"u0631"u064a"u0642 "u062a"u0641"u0639"u064a"u0644 "u062e"u062f"u0645"u0629 "u0627"u0644"u0642"u0631"u0627"u0621"u0629 "u0627"u0644"u062a"u0644"u0642"u0627"u0626"u064a"u0629.
-"u0625"u0645"u0643"u0627"u0646"u064a"u0629 "u0642"u0631"u0627"u0621"u0629 "u0627"u0644"u062e"u0628"u0631 "u0628"u0627"u0644"u062a"u0641"u0635"u064a"u0644 "u0645"u0646 "u0627"u0644"u0645"u0635"u062f"u0631.
-"u0625"u0645"u0643"u0627"u0646"u064a"u0629 "u0646"u0634"u0631 "u0627"u0644"u062e"u0628"u0631 "u0639"u0644"u0649 "u0641"u064a"u0633"u0628"u0648"u0643 "u0648 "u062a"u0648"u064a"u062a"u0631.
-"u0625"u0645"u0643"u0627"u0646"u064a"u0629 "u062a"u0639"u0637"u064a"u0644 "u0628"u0639"u0636 "u0645"u0635"u0627"u062f"u0631 "u0627"u0644"u0623"u062e"u0628"u0627"u0631.
-"u0625"u0645"u0643"u0627"u0646"u064a"u0629 "u0627"u0644"u0628"u062d"u062b "u0641"u064a "u0627"u0644"u0623"u062e"u0628"u0627"u0631 "u0639"u0646 "u0645"u0635"u0637"u0644"u062d "u0623"u0648 "u062e"u0628"u0631 "u0645"u0639"u064a"u0646.

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Press TV

By Code of Zero released on: 2011-01-04T11:21:16Z

Get updated with the latest news from Press TV!

With the app you can easily read the latest news and share them, view videos uploaded by Press TV as well as watch Press TV live.

Press TV is an English based news channel that carries news analysis, documentary talk shows and sports news worldwide with special focus on West Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East.


- Read news with category browsing
- Simple navigation when reading
- Share interesting news with Facebook, Twitter and Email.
- View the latest videos uploaded by Press TV
- Watch Press TV live in fullscreen

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HP Touch Greetings

By Extentia Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. released on: 2010-04-14T01:09:27Z

Late to buy or send a greeting card to a friend or family member for special occasions?

iXtentia/Extentia brings you the Touch Greetings application to send your personalized greetings to your friends & family on those occasions, with no effort.

It's simple:

Choose your greeting from a large choice of backgrounds and frames
Upload a photo from your iPhone or take a picture with the device's camera
Add a personalized message to the recipient(s) of your choice
Send or share on Facebook directly with the Touch Greetings application

About iXtentia:
iXtentia is a division of Extentia Information Technology that focuses on Apple and mobile technologies. Established in 1998, Extentia is a global software development and consulting organization delivering IT solutions to clients throughout Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific region.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Middle East you looking for.

We belive for every paid Middle East app out there there is a equivalent free Middle East app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Middle East apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Middle East apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Middle East apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Middle East app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

Middle East Apps Users Comments