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1 to 25 Lite

By Syndicated Puzzles released on: 2010-01-14T11:38:00Z

1 to 25"u00a9 Lite is a fiendish puzzle where you move the numbers from the outer ring onto the board in the direction of the chevrons. As you place them they must snake together vertically, horizontally or diagonally so they link in sequence from 1 to 25.

1 to 25"u00a9 Lite has every piece of information you will need to solve the puzzle. Everything is in plain sight. Reorganizing the abundance of information is the real challenge. Every single number has to find its perfect location to make up the unique solution.

Sequencing all 25 numbers using a growing snake will really challenge your spatial and visual thinking. Remember snakes don't like to bite their own tails. But they sure do like to coil their bodies to confuse predators.

A 5 x 5 grid with 25 numbers and only one correct location for each number. Each number has five possible locations. Finding the right one is 1 to 25"u00a9 Lite.

Chevrons also described as fat arrows, indicate exactly where a number can be placed. Follow the direction of the chevrons as they are your best set of clues to help you solve the puzzle.

1 to 25"u00a9 Lite has a purge button. This is a simple and effective way to correct all your mistakes. Purge will remove all incorrectly placed numbers. One simple button makes 1 to 25"u00a9 flawless to play.

The sliding and placing of numbers couldn't be easier. Numbers can be placed or dragged very quickly and precise. Follow the beam of light, it will show you the way.

All the puzzles created for this game were made by Andrew Stuart, who has published puzzles in The Daily Telegraph, The Los Angeles Times, the Beijing Times and in hundreds of other newspapers.

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By Mark H Carolan released on: 2010-03-11T01:26:05Z

Match the animated cubes. A virtually infinite range of animation patterns is available. Try to solve the animation puzzle in the shortest possible time. Using the Challenge feature, you can offer a competitor the chance to beat your time on the same sequence. Improve visual recognition skills by learning to take in the image patterns without focusing on specific items. Two graphics modes are available to cover a range of iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

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