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The Twilight Saga - The Movie Game FREE

By GameHouse released on: 2009-11-24T07:54:15Z

Calling all Twilighters! Relive all your favorite movie moments and share your Twilight knowledge in this exciting game. Select from your favorite Twilight characters, including Bella and Edward, and play alone or challenge other fanpires to exciting contests.

- ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ -

Compete for the highest score answering hundreds of interesting and insightful questions, some of which are easy and others that will challenge how big of a fan you really are. What does Bella order on her first dinner with Edward? Where do the Cullens wear their family crest? Win trophies and refresh your knowledge in time for New Moon! Immerse yourself and your friends in the Twilight experience!

- ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ -

"u25cb Relive all of your favorite Twilight movie moments
"u25cb Challenge friends and show your Twilight knowledge
"u25cb Compete for the highest score and win trophies
"u25cb Play the questions from first film for free! Fans can purchase New Moon and Eclipse content packs to keep the challenge going and find out who is the biggest Twilight fan of all!

NOTE: The first Twilight movie chapter is FREE to all users. Upgrade the game by purchasing Eclipse and New Moon packs to get additional questions and remove ads.

Highly recommended for fans of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!

- ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ -


We take pride in the loyalty and trust our customers show us when they purchase a GameHouse product. If you are not completely satisfied with your recent purchase please contact us at

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Twilight In Forks

By Mobile Roadie released on: 2010-03-29T09:16:51Z

The app for true Twihards, from the makers of Destination Forks: The Real World of Twilight, and Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town. These two movies take fans on a journey through Forks, the sites from the story, the amazing beauty of the forest and the beaches of La Push, and the untold story behind the scenes.

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Walkthrough to The Legend of Zelda-Twilight Princess - FREE

By released on: 2009-12-08T08:36:00Z

A free guide/walkthrough to The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess for Wii giving you the complete solution to the game !

All detailed steps required to finish the game are explained, including illustrated solutions to the puzzles featured in the game.

This guide was assembled from internet source(s) and we received approval from their author. In case you found objectionable content or a copyright problem please do report it to us and we shall correct it.

This free guide is ad-supported so a small banner will be displayed if you are connected to the internet. This will enable us to provide you with more free guides.

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Into the Twilight

By Tribal City Interactive released on: 2010-06-12T11:50:48Z

Featured in New & Noteworthy, What We're Playing, What's Hot, and Number 1 in category in 15 countries.

Run, jump & roll!
Can you escape into the Twilight? Run, jump, roll and swing to avoid drops. traps, and enemies while you collect stars in the fastest time possible. Play through increasingly difficult levels in this furiously fun platformer with beautiful graphics and music.

Stunning graphics!
Cool music and sound effects!
Simple Single action addictive gameplay - just Tap!
Your personal best scores saved!
Tweet your best score or update to Facebook.

Easy to play
Tap to jump
Tap to roll
Tap to swing
Avoid those nasty drops, traps and enemies!

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Free Random Fun Ideas

By Twilight Technology L.L.C. released on: 2009-08-20T06:45:49Z

This is a great little application that allows you to get random fun ideas of fun things to do.

Are you bored? Do you not know where to go on your next date? We will help you out!

Where do these magical ideas come from? Other users like yourself. People submit ideas, vote on ideas and the best ones score high.

Special Note: This application will work with, or without internet connectivity. If you use it without internet connectivity your
votes will not count and the ideas will not update; however you will have access to all the ideas that have been added since your last

In version 5.0 we are working on:

1) Achievements
2) Scoreboards for those who submit the best ideas.
3) Listings of all the ideas in the database
4) Anything else interesting that people email us and ask for... hint, hint, we love getting emails.

Get to submitting!! Remember the more people that submit and vote on ideas, the better off everyone will be!

Thanks for trying our app!

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The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

By FutureSoft, Inc. released on: 2010-12-10T04:17:28Z

The ultimate Twilight Zone experience.

Get 3 free 40 minute Twilight Zone Radio Dramas.

Browse 167 episodes and purchase your favorite episodes each approximately 40 minutes long.

Over 100 hours of Twilight Zone Radio Drama available.

158 original episodes reproduced in a radio drama format with 9 new episodes with more coming each month.

Listen to your favorite actors:
Adam Baldwin, Adam West, Andrea Evans, Barry Bostwick, Beverly Garland, Bill Erwin, Bill Smitrovich, Blair Underwood, Bobby Slayton, Bonnie Somerville, Bruce Kirby, Byron Mann, Charles Shaughnessy, Chelcie Ross, Chris McDonald, Christian Stolte, Daniel J. Travanti, Danny Goldring, David Eigenberg, Dee Wallace, Don Johnson, Ed Begley, Jr., Eric Bogosian, Ernie Hudson, Frank John Hughes, Fred Willard, H.M. Wynant, Hal Sparks, Henry Rollins, James Keach, Jane Seymour, Jason Alexander, Jim Caviezel, JoBe Cerny, John Heard, John Ratzenberger, John Rhys-Davies, John Schneider, Karen Black, Kate Jackson, Kathy Garver, Kim Fields, Lou Diamond Phillips, Lou Gossett, Jr., Luke Perry, Mariette Hartley, Marshall Allman, Martin Jarvis, Michael Rooker, Michael York, Mike Starr, Morgan Brittany, Orson Bean, Paul Dooley, Peggy Webber, Peter Mark Richman, Richard Grieco, Richard Kind, Robert Knepper, Rosalind Ayres, Sarah Wayne Callies, Sean Astin, Shelley Berman, Stacy Keach, Stan Freberg, Stephen Tobolowsky, Stephnie Weir, Tim Kazurinsky, Tony Plana, Virginia Williams and Wade Williams.

Supports playing audio in background on devices that support iOS 4 multitasking.

Remembers where you left off.

Fast forward or rewind through and episode.

Rate your favorite episode and give your own review.

A little bit of history:

The Twilight Zone aired on the CBS television network from 1959 to 1964. It set a new standard of excellence, with scripts by creator, Rod Serling, and outstanding writers Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont, George Clayton Johnson, Jerry Sohl, Earl Hamner, Jr., Reginald Rose and Ray Bradbury.

The show mixed science fiction, fantasy, horror, suspense and occasional humor in a unique blend never before seen on television. Since then it has been rebroadcast continuously, second only to I Love Lucy as the longest-running series in TV syndication history. The title itself has entered the language as a term for something that is easy to recognize but impossible to define, a peculiar moment when the landscape of our lives takes an unmistakable detour into the unknown.

Producer, Carl Amari, decided to present new radio dramatizations based on The Twilight Zone and licensed the rights from CBS Enterprises and The Rod Serling Estate. A lifelong fan of radio drama, Amari knows and loves the best the medium has to offer, from Suspense and Escape to Dimension X and X Minus One. But his goal is not a nostalgic recreation of radio as it once was. Instead, Amari has commissioned fresh adaptations by World Fantasy Award-winning writer, Dennis Etchison, based on the original scripts preserved in the Serling archives. The result is a powerful, imaginative series designed for the theatre of the mind. Superbly recorded in digital stereo, narrated by Stacy Keach and starring today's most remarkable actors, these exciting productions take the art of audio drama to the next level. They will transport you to a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man, a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. It is an area which we call .... The Twilight Zone™ Radio Dramas!

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Twilight Golf Lite

By Howling Moon Software released on: 2009-10-20T07:00:00Z

Long ago, legends were told of a day when the skies would darken in unending twilight. In preparation, the Twilight Temple was constructed deep underground to keep safe the golden orbs that had the power to call back the sun. The legend and temple have been long forgotten until today when the sun forgot to rise!

About Twilight Golf:
Adventure deep into the lost Twilight Temple unlocking its mysteries and bringing light back to the world! Experience Howling Moon Software's unique SHADE shadowing engine, the first real time dynamic shadowing system seen on the iPhone combined with smooth physics.

Each puzzle has you trying to reach the goal using the fewest strokes. Blocking your progress are a number of obstacles such as teeter totters, gears, ratchets, drawbridges, swinging chains, gravity orbs, sticky orbs, levers, flip flops, elevators, and much more! Beyond the great gameplay are top notch graphics and the physics based sound system. Twilight Golf is an iPhone adventure like no other.

The lite version features seven levels!

* Takes full advantage of the powerful Chipmunk Physics engine
* Uses our new SHADE shadow engine for amazing lighting effects
* 30 unique puzzles, with intricate handcrafted levels
* Captivating ambiance, haunting music, physics based sounds, and stunning visuals

Don't take our word for it, this is what Twilight Golf players are saying:

"I didn't know what to expect when I first opened up this application. But, as I started to play, I recognized the physics elements in the game and started to enjoy it immediately. The first level hooked me already. The visuals are very nice and polished. The various levels provide for very unique gameplay, where trial and error is mixed with strategy and timing." - Kong Shi

"Awesome, awesome game! ... Love the mechanics of the game. The ball responds exactly as you expect it to. The look and sound are really cool." - Andrew Brown

"So far, it's amazing, just like Crayon Ball. love everything currently in the game, the music, the cave environment, the lighting, and the smooth physics." - Cameron

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Borders eBooks

By released on: 2010-06-21T07:00:00Z

Borders eBooks gives you the freedom to buy and read eBooks anytime, anywhere on your iPhone. Suddenly craving the latest thriller or an exciting new bestseller at 3 in the morning? No problem. It takes just a minute to purchase whatever you're in the mood for, and once you select the Buy button, your next great read will begin downloading instantly.

Not sure what you want to read? Browse the entire selection of Borders eBooks and read a free sample before you decide to buy. With Borders eBooks, eReading couldn't be easier.

Some highlights

Login with your existing account and download the eBooks you've already purchased at no additional cost.
Read full ePubs and choose from the original publisher style or our hand-tuned optimized reading experience.
The 'I'm Reading' list gives you quick access to everything you're reading.
Organize your library any way you like - by title, date last read, or author.
Skip ahead in your book with the Table of Contents page.
Turn pages just like a real book; the 'page curl' animation even captures the look!
Look up unfamiliar words in the dictionary or Wikipedia and Google with a simple finger press

Download the Free Borders eBook app for your iPhone and lose yourself in your next great read.

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Zombie Infection FREE

By Gameloft released on: 2010-08-11T01:20:18Z

The infection is spreading and fear is everywhere in this non-stop survival shooter.
Head to South America as a soldier and reporter try to uncover the origin of another zombie outbreak.

Survive 12 levels in Campaign mode as you fight your way through favelas, mines, a zoo, docks, a boat and secret lab.

You can finish off weakened zombies with brutal and amazing fatalities by touching the action icon at just the right time.

Switch between 2 characters, ex-soldier Damien Sharpe and reporter Alex Rayne, as they fight together to survive and uncover an evil plot.

Fight countless enemies of all shapes and sizes, including mutants & infected animals, each with unique abilities

Discover the full depth of the intrigue as you discover the source of the infection and the plans of the ones who created it.

Every environment and character is meticulously rendered in full in 3D so you can feel as close to the action as possible without starting your own zombie outbreak.

Unlock 20 trophies and show them off to friends over Gameloft LIVE!
Also available from Gameloft: Brothers In Arms 2"u00ae: Global Front, N.O.V.A. - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, GT Racing: Motor Academy, James Cameron's Avatar, Modern Combat: Sandstorm, Driver, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

*** Follow Gameloft on Twitter to get more info about this game and all our upcoming titles at or go read our official blog at ***

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By Philippe Casgrain released on: 2009-08-01T11:32:15Z

Display sunrise and sunset times for your current location, at any point in time.

This application will use your current location to compute sunrise and sunset times, as well as twilight period for Civil, Nautical and Astronomical twilight.

Perfect for photographers who want to prepare for the "Golden Hour", for bike riders who want to be home before nightfall or for amateur astronomers.

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Unofficial Zelda

By Hyrule Applications released on: 2010-09-28T09:58:10Z

A must have for any fan of the Legend Of Zelda series, for FREE!!!

Over 250 sounds from 8 games from 1987 to the present day.

Always wanted to weald the legendary Master Sword? NOW YOU CAN!!

Made by Zelda fans for Zelda Fans.

More features coming VERY SOON!!!


The content of this app is copyright of it's rightful owner, all licenses remain that of the rights holder. All revenue from this app to pay for development costs come from advertisement only.

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iPhobias - 300 FREE Phobias

By Spidertech Studios released on: 2009-07-17T01:00:24Z

Got FEAR? It's in HERE!

A phobia is an extreme fear or dislike. Phobia names can range from the scientific to the downright silly.

Use this handy app to TAP into your fears--or a friend's! Your fears will remain nameless no more.

= 300 FREE phobias
= "DIAGNOSE" A FRIEND: Send any phobia
= 10 bonus pages
= Tap arrows to look up by name or subject
= Search

ALSO AVAILABLE in the iTunes App Store:

640 Phobias from Ants to Zombies

All of the above features PLUS

= TWICE the frights. One low price.
= 30+ bonus pages
= Celebrity phobias
= Resource list

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Twilight you looking for.

We belive for every paid Twilight app out there there is a equivalent free Twilight app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Twilight apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Twilight apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Twilight apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Twilight app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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