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By Accentuate Businessreleased on:2010-01-16T12:29:53Z

Le Yoga est une fa"u00e7on id"u00e9ale de faire de l'exercice et d'"u00eatre bien dans son corps, largement recommand"u00e9e d'ailleurs par les m"u00e9decins. C'est parfait pour rester en forme, "u00e9viter de prendre trop de poids, conserver l'esprit calme.

Cette application Yoga est un recueil de 22 postures de Yoga, vous pouvez utiliser cette application chez vous ou pendant vos cours de Yoga. Vous pouvez ajouter, supprimer et modifier "u00e0 votre guise le contenu de cette application. Profitez en pour prendre en photo votre professeur de Yoga, et ajouter vos postures pr"u00e9f"u00e9r"u00e9es.

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CorePower Yoga

By CorePower Yogareleased on:2009-12-01T05:26:38Z

The CorePower Yoga class schedule is now mobile!

Find your favorite CorePower Yoga class right from your phone. Choose a studio and see the day's yoga class schedule. You can view class type, instructor and time, and it's easy to select a new day or a different studio. Don't miss another class because you didn't have time to check the schedule. The CorePower Yoga App is perfect if you're on the go!

Browse all CorePower Yoga studios nationwide
Select a convenient studio location
Immediately view all yoga classes for the current day
Search the following day's classes
Update your facebook and Twitter status with the touch of a button, sharing the class you're going to with all your friends
Application automatically defaults to your favorite studio and you can easily adjust to change the studio and view other CorePower Yoga studio schedules in your area
Schedules are updated with the most timely information about instructor substitutes and class changes

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Yoga with Tania Lite

By Capital Yoga Publishing Corpreleased on:2010-11-16T11:12:45Z

This is a preview for the Happy Hips and Yoga with Tania Apps available on iTunes.

This app includes:
- 10 yoga poses with photos, written and verbal instructions, benefits and variations.
- 2 guided warm-up sequences and sun salutation "L"
- suitable for all levels

Happy Yoga!

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Yoga MDWorkout by LifeApps, LLC

By LifeApps LLCreleased on:2010-07-01T10:37:50Z

******Celebrating the long awaited Verizon iPhone - Yoga MDW is free until March 1, 2011 for all iPhone users!*******

Yoga MDW is a Pure Yoga app from

Yoga by includes instruction with Photos, Videos and Tutorials by a Certified Trainer in:

Yoga Protocol
Flowing Sequence
Preparatory Poses
Standing Poses
Back Bends
Forward Bends
Hip Openers
Balancing Pose
Resting/Restorative Poses

Links to additional yoga and exercise content.

Links to Social Networks.

See other LifeApps health, fitness and exercise products on the App Store!

Yoga MDW has been designed for iPhone with the iPad in mind.

MDWorkout is for informational purposes only and is not a medical application. Consult a physician before starting any exercise or nutritional program.

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YOGA Free: 200 Poses & Yoga Classes

By ARAWELLA CORPORATIONreleased on:2010-08-11T01:51:36Z

"u272d"u272d"u272d 200 yoga poses with instructions and photo plus a special yoga tune for efficient sessions
"u272d"u272d"u272d a ready-made program with video and male voice guidance compiled by an experienced yogi
"u272d"u272d"u272d you can create your own programs using yoga poses available in this app version

A noteworthy application for those who seek perfection of body and mind.

Professionally made content, photo, audio and video guidance and convenient grouping of poses according to their level and type will turn your yoga routine into an inspiring travel to the depths of your being.

The training mode is highly enjoyable and relaxing: voice instructions, videos and special tunes will make you fly through your session!


-"tdetailed text instructions and photos of poses
-"tall poses are conveniently grouped according to the level and type.

-"tFast Mode is an ideal tool to build programs
-"tcreate and edit your program quickly and easily: choose from the list of poses
-"tset the duration of each pose
-"tchange the order of poses, delete poses from the program or add new ones

-"tgo through your program swiftly and easily: the voiceover guidance is accompanied by photos and a countdown of the time you remain in each pose
-"twatch videos of a professional female yogi doing poses
-"tlisten to music as you do yoga
-"tdo not worry if you have to answer a call or receive an SMS during your workout: the app will resume at the interrupted pose

-"tCalendar: browse through the past trainings to track your activity
-"tbe inspired for new achievements every day: find an encouraging quote from famous yoga practicers in the Calendar
-"tchoose your own tracks from the iPod player

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Relax Melodies - (sleep & meditation & yoga & relaxation) helper

By iLBSoftreleased on:2009-05-07T02:44:52Z

Relax Melodies is the leader in personalized relaxation and sleep assistance. No more insomnia for you! Tension is a thing of the past! Just custom mix your favorite sounds from a selection of 35, then slip naturally into a relaxed state or a deep, rejuvenating sleep. This is the ultimate relaxation experience. It's easy to use, too. Click "More" to learn why you should download this App today!

You've had such a stressful day. Between the office politics at work, that snarky remark from your boss and your car breaking down on the way home, your mind is busy replaying events and trying to figure out how you're going to handle everything.

Feeling the strain of it all, your head may be starting to hurt, certainly your neck is stiff and you have knots in your shoulder area. How on earth are you going to sleep tonight? If you have Relax Melodies on your iDevice, the answer is, "Easily!"

Relax Melodies is the leader in relaxation and sleep help. This professionally developed application allows you to custom mix your choice of 70 different sounds for the ultimate, most personalized relaxation experience it's possible to have.

With just a few taps, you can create the exact sound that resonates perfectly with you. There are ambient and binaural selections, so you can choose whether to simply relax or tell your brain that's it's time for sleep. It can even help baby to fall asleep faster, too.

One of the coolest features about Relax Melodies is the option for adjusting the level of sound for each selection. Want a softer rain sound in the background while making the birds sing louder? No problem, just put the volume of each different sound right where you want it. The result is a perfect, personalized blend.

Check out the amazing features that you get in Relax Melodies:

* Free. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.
* The leader in relaxation and sleep help
* Professionally designed and developed
* Very attractive and so easy to use!
* Completely customizable and personal
* High quality ambient sounds and binaural beats for brainwave entrainment
* Volume adjustment for each sound
* Clock display with brightness adjustment
* Save and replay your favorites
* Auto-save and restore last selection and settings
* Just shake for a random selection
* Integrated timer to stop the melodies with a fade out, play an alarm or auto-close the application
* Help screen

Become one of the more than 1,000,000 worldwide Relax Melodies users and download it now. You're going to love how it will help you relax, meditate, sleep.

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Pr\u00eat-\u00e0-Yoga Lite

By Pr00eat-00e0 LLCreleased on:2008-12-31T12:31:32Z

"Yoga will change your body, the way you think, and most importantly deepen your connection to your Self, to God and to all beings..." Kathleen Kastner

Pr"u00eat-"u00e0-Yoga Lite is a uniquely crafted yoga experience designed to enlighten you and guide you through the discipline of yoga. Your personal guru, Kathleen Kastner, a trained yoga instructor and exercise physiologist, will guide you through each sequence, pose by pose, breath by breath, explaining how to practice the art of yoga.

This exquisite application offers an unparalleled experience with sequences meticulously designed by Kathleen and beautiful music arranged by Cerebral Songs to enhance your practice.

Pr"u00eat-"u00e0-Yoga Lite now includes the following four stages:

- Pranayama
- Sun Salutation A
- Sun Salutation B
- Beginner's Sequence

As you make your journey, you will find that it is best to start off slow and deliberate, discovering along the way the beauty and joy that is yoga.

If you like Pr"u00eat-"u00e0-Yoga Lite, you will love Pr"u00eat-"u00e0-Yoga. To buy, search App Store for "pretayoga" or "pret-a-yoga".
Visit for up-to-date information on Pr"u00eat-"u00e0-Yoga.

(We honor the Spirit in you which is also in us.)


★ Tap the "i" button for inspiration and guidance on using Pr"u00eat-"u00e0-Yoga Lite.

★ Consider switching off Wi-Fi (set to Airplane mode on the iPhone), so your mind is free of interruptions and completely focused while using Pr"u00eat-"u00e0-Yoga Lite.

★ Follow these simple instructions to play your music while using Pr"u00eat-"u00e0-Yoga Lite:
"u25cf Launch "iPod" and play your favorite song(s). Hit the home button.
"u25cf Launch Pr"u00eat-"u00e0-Yoga Lite and tap the "Heart" button.
"u25cf Set "Play Mode" to Auto and choose desired "Transition Cue."
"u25cf The "Vibrate" option works well with arm band use.

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Capital Yoga

By Capital Yoga Publishing Corpreleased on:2010-05-13T10:54:35Z

Welcome to Capital Yoga, a free app built by Jamine Ackert and Capital Yoga Publishing. The app is inspired by Jamine's "Beginning Yoga" class.

Jamine is a local yoga teacher, and teacher of yoga teachers practicing in Ottawa, Canada.

No internet connection is required to follow along with Jamine's helpful voice instructions and learn yoga poses from a master yoga teacher. This app includes parts of Jamine's "Beginning Yoga" class with a list of select poses and sequences. Each pose is described with pictures and both written and audio instruction. Each sequence can be played with Jamine's voice instructions, or with any music you choose from your own library while you move and breathe. In addition to her classes, with an Internet connection you can also follow Jamine's spiritual guidance in her day to day living.

For only $1.99, Yoga with Jamine is available in the App Store now and includes all of Jamine's "Beginning Yoga" class with a comprehensive list of individual poses as well as a set of sequences.

Capital Yoga Publishing helps yoga teachers create their own yoga apps for their students.

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Yoga Trainer Lite

By NexStudios.jpreleased on:2009-02-21T01:04:54Z

Practice Yoga the Way You Want
with Yoga Trainer for the iPhone


"One of the 8 apps you need
on your iPhone" - The Daily Telegraph

"Featured on Popular Apps for the iPhone"

Over 250,000 Downloads! We Love you

4/5 Star Review **** TouchArcade


Yoga Trainer For Everyone
Learn Yoga at your own pace with guides suited to all, from beginner to advanced.

Yoga Anytime, Anywhere
Practice Yoga when you want, where you
want, how you want.

Yoga Just Got Smarter
Customize your own Yoga sequences and practice better with a fully interactive experience.

Stretch Your Body Not Your Budget
Save on courses fees with Yoga Trainer for your iPhone.

- Sample Poses with photos, step by step instructions and voice guides
- Pre-built sequences and tools to let you make your own
- Pranayama (Breathing), Meditation, Astanga and other popular yoga routines
- Guided timer with variable settings
- Video Guides for Popular Poses
- New Voice and Video Guides to make it easier

For more features, content etc try Yoga Trainer PRO

Built with love by NexStudios Japan

Big Update!!

Get fit today!

We Love you!

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Yoga Positions

By iPhoneHubreleased on:2010-09-25T08:14:14Z

Yoga Poses

Asanas Yoga - Yoga Exercises & Postures

The practice of Yoga Exercises means practicing both your body and your mind. It takes willpower and perseverance to accomplish each Yoga Pose and to practice it daily. But the prize for your perseverance is really worth all the hard work. The practice of Yoga Exercises or Yoga Asanas with your yoga blocks can improve your health, increase your resistance, and develop your mental awareness. Doing the Yoga Poses requires you to have your own yoga kit and to study each pose and execute it slowly as you control your body and your mind. Read on and follow our Yoga Posture animations to discover more about the different Poses in the following sections:
90+ of Yoga Poses Demo.
- Downward-Facing Dog
- Handstand
- Happy Baby Pose
- Side-Reclining Leg Lift
- Low Lunge
- Half Frog Pose
so on...
Note : The information contained in this application is strictly for educational purposes. Therefore, if you wish to apply ideas contained in this application, you are taking full responsibility for your actions. we are in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material, which is provided "u00ecas is"u00ee, and without warranties.

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By Neil Harrisreleased on:2008-11-12T11:59:47Z

Download full version by searching for "Yoga STRETCH"

Being a focused mind and body workout, Yoga STRETCH LITE consists of traditional yoga poses sequencing with a Vinyasa flow.
Yoga STRETCH LITE is designed to improve strength, balance, posture and flexibility.

Yoga STRETCH LITE is your own personal Yoga instructor walking you through a full on Session including audio commentary, images and music.

Yoga Session:

Play a Yoga Session that is customizable from 1 to 60 minutes with over 60 Yoga moves.
Turn on or off an audio instructor that will tell you when and which Yoga Positions to transition to.
Turn on or off an audio instructor that will tell you detailed information about your current pose, the required steps to put your body in the correct positioning and how to maintain that pose.
Choose between 6 meditative background songs to play during your Yoga Session.

The ability to pause your session.
Skip Poses both forward and backward.

View Yoga Poses:
View each Yoga Pose with a detailed text description of each pose along with its true name, Sanskrit name, Physical and Mental Benefits.
Beautifully designed images that are both mentally and spiritually uplifting.

*iTouch users: If you can hear background music but the audio commentary will not play go to Settings -> General -> Sounds -> Sound Effects and select "BOTH"

iTouch users must use headphones in order to hear commentary.

*Yoga is an art and must be learned. The more you practice at home the better you will be. Do not become frustrated if you cannot perform many of the poses. With practice and a little patience you will gain flexibility, strength and inner peace. Just remember to breath.

Coming Soon: Yoga STRENGTH, Yoga ADVANCED

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Yoga at Home: Learn Beginner Yoga

By Pacific Spirit Mediareleased on:2009-10-14T06:58:19Z

This app brings you the best free video tutorials for practicing beginner yoga at home.

* See a yoga sequence for beginners

* Learn the sun salutation, one of the most popular sequences in yoga.

* learn how to breathe deeply for maximum benefits

* See yoga instructors describe the many physical and mental benefits of yoga

* Watch how to do the plough and shoulderstand

* Weight Loss - See two of the best video tutorials on yoga for weight loss

* Anti-Aging - See a yoga sequence focused on anti-aging benefits

This app requires an Internet connection.
Hope you find it useful and enjoyable!
Please consult with a physician before performing any yoga poses or starting any exercise program.

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Yoga 101

By myyogaminute.comreleased on:2011-01-11T10:46:35Z

About Yoga 101

iPhone Application
by Kathleen Holm

An App for the Absolute Beginner Student of Vinyasa Flow Yoga!

"I know about yoga, how good it would be for me, and I want to go to class I just don't want to make a fool of myself"!

I've heard that from so many people over the years.

Same with, "I'm not flexible enough" or, "I just don't have enough time."

So many people in fact, I have decided to do something about it. This app is designed for the absolute beginner to yoga. No experience required!

This video takes less than 15 minutes to do. I am asking you to commit one hour over the next two weeks that will enable you to begin a practice that will make you feel healthy, sharp and years younger for the rest of your life.

If you do this app two times a week for two weeks you should be able to walk into any beginner/open/ level 1-2 vinyasa or flow yoga class and know what's going on.

I am not exaggerating or kidding.

This app contains two simple tabs. The first one titled "u2018Lesson" is less than 15 minutes and is a video for you to follow along with that will lead you through the basic yoga postures that you will find in 90% of all yoga classes. There is nothing tricky here. You can do this class even if you are inflexible, overweight or older than 60. I'm serious! The only prerequisite is that you don't have any current injuries and it's okay for you to be on your hands and knees.

The second tab is "Commentary" which contains a running commentary while the video is playing. Please watch the details before you watch the lesson as there is important information that will make the lesson easier for you to follow along with.

I have one Golden Rule for yoga. Listen to your body. You are the captain of your domain and if any teacher at anytime asks you do to a pose that you think is not something you should do, please do not do it. Listen to yourself. It is perfectly acceptable and expected for people to sit out a pose if needed. The basic philosophy of yoga is ahimsa which means non-harming. Be mindful of what you should and should not be doing. It's your body and hopefully, you've got a long (healthy) way to go in it!

Actually, I have two Golden Rules. The other is to be aware of your breath and how it moves through your body. There is magic in that breath. By developing breath awareness you literally learn how to tune in to any moment of your life. I'm excited for you to find out what I am talking about, as it is so powerful it can only be fully understood by actually experiencing it.

With a steady yoga practice, you'll feel years younger than you do NOW! Without a yoga practice, (especially as you get older: stiffer, fatter, more inflexible) there is a great chance you'll feel 10 years older than you will actually be!

Begin now. It really is that simple. Install the app.

My personal mission is to inspire 400,000,000 people to do yoga by the year 2020.

For more information or to connect with me, visit my website Check out my other apps offered under Holm apps in the itunes store.

I wish you wellness!

App Development by Brad Hebert

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise prescription. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider. By reading this disclaimer, you hereby agree and understand that the information contained in this website, while helpful, is not medical advice and relying upon it shall be done at your sole risk.

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MINDBODY yoga 3.0

By MINDBODY Inc.released on:2010-03-26T03:20:13Z

MINDBODY yoga 3.0 is your own personal yoga class finder. With the touch of one button, MINDBODY yoga 3.0 uses your GPS location and gives you all the yoga classes that are available in your area. MINDBODY yoga 3.0 is powered by MINDBODY and lets you access the largest database of yoga classes in the country.

MINDBODY yoga 3.0 lets you see who is teaching, find out what classes are available, see studio locations on a map, and read detailed descriptions of classes, studios, and teachers.

Classes are sorted by time, so it's easy to see what's coming up next. Also you can adjust your search radius to find the classes close to you, or look in a wider area to see what's available.

Studio Search is a new feature in MINDBODY yoga 3.0 and you can now search for a specific studio and find exactly what you are looking for, returning all information and classes for that specific studio

Have a favorite local teacher or class? MINDBODY yoga 3.0 lets you save teacher, class, and studio favorites and will mark your favorites with a star.

MINDBODY yoga 3.0 is also great for travelers. In "Settings" you have the ability to manually enter a postal code to find classes in any location that you will be traveling to, as well as specify the day you want to attend a class and even choose the start and end time.

Updated daily with more studios and classes, MINDBODY yoga 3.0 has over 100,000 classes in it. Soon you will be able to actually book most classes through your iPhone!

Thousands of Studios use MINDBODY for online scheduling, including Yoga Tree, Golden Bridge, yogaworks, Corepower, Bikram, and many more. To find out if your favorite studio uses MINDBODY, check out their website and see if MINDBODY is listed as the scheduling provider.

Also see MINDBODY's other great apps, MINDBODY Biz Mode is for Business Owners who want to access their schedules. Coming soon MINDBODY Pilates and MINDBODY Fitness!

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Fitness Free: 300 exercises & yoga poses

By ARAWELLA CORPORATIONreleased on:2010-08-20T12:00:21Z

This free app has more features and offers more fitness tools than some paid ones do!
"u272d"u272d"u272d Rich content: 300+ exercises for men and women, instructions plus pics of muscles involved
"u272d"u272d"u272d 2 modes of workout program selection
"u272d"u272d"u272d 3 FREE ready-made workouts

Keep fit with the help of a huge exercise base compiled by pros!

"tmore than 300 exercises grouped according to body parts, muscles and equipment.
"t3 FREE ready-made workouts - inside the app
"tlog your achievements for each exercise during every session and review the logs when you need
"tQuick Recipes mode: choose from a list of ready-made programs to fit your goal
"tFast Mode: create and edit your own program quickly and efficiently.
"tthe app will automatically resume from the interrupted exercise if you have to receive a call or SMS
"t2 measurement systems: metric or imperial - choose either you are used to

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Skimble GPS Sports Tracker: Weightlifting, Cardio, Running, Biking, Hiking, Walking, Yoga, Tennis, Swimming, Aerobics, Rock Climbing & 30 More Activities

By Skimblereleased on:2010-01-01T08:00:00Z

Stay healthy & fit by tracking all your sports activities. From GPS tracking with audio cues, to weightlifting reps and sets, you'll get the most out of every sport with Skimble. Share your accomplishments on Facebook & Twitter and have more fun while being active!

Skimble in the news:
Featured New Application, iTunes App Store
Top 3 Best Sites to Better Yourself, MSN
Ranked Top 3 Innovative Web Technology, Microsoft Accelerator SXSW

"u2713 Track over 45 sports and fitness activities
"u2713 Record your route, pace, distance and elevation gain with the iPhone's GPS technology
"u2713 Share accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter
"u2713 Connect with active people
"u2713 Compete on leaderboards
"u2713 Monitor your progress
"u2713 Share geo-tagged 'action shots'

PRO Features:
"u2713 Audio Cues: Hear your mile pace every time you reach a half mile and your mile time after each mile (also works with kilometers).
"u2713 Offline Mode: Track your activities with no Internet connection and upload them later (great for the wilderness & iPod Touch owners)
"u2713 Detailed progress charts & statistics
"u2713 Ad-free experience

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Everything tracked with the Skimble iPhone application is synchronized with the website.

Supported Sports and Activities: Rock Climbing, Hiking, Walking, Running, Cycling, Snowboarding, Skiing, Snowshoeing, Weights, Gym Cardio, Yoga, Pilates, Swimming, Dance, Martial Arts, Aerobics, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Kickball, Field Hockey, Rugby, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Tennis, Racquetball, Squash, Badminton, Ping Pong, Handball, Skateboarding, Canoeing, Hang Gliding, Kayaking, Inline Skating, Horseback Riding, Surfing, Base Jumping, Slacklining, Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Snorkeling

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Relaxing Ambiance Lite (helps to relax, meditate, sleep and yoga)

By Red Hammer Softwarereleased on:2010-01-19T03:28:35Z

Try before you buy! We are now able to provide a free Lite version of our iPhone/iPod applications.

Do you wish to get away from the noise of the city and feel free from the problems that surround you? Then Relaxing Ambiance Lite is for you. It has 5 individual themes, each containing 4 soundtracks grouped by its theme; 20 unique sounds it total. Also we have included a soundboard with 35 relaxing sounds with which you can combine or enjoy them on their own. Perhaps you will choose the sounds of breaking waves with seagulls, crickets chirping or the sounds of a flute, or perhaps played all together. You can do it all and much more with Relaxing Ambiance Lite.
Using Relaxing Ambiance Lite you can:
Reduce stress,
Sleep and feel better,
Prepare for meditation,
Use for spa ambiance or physiotherapy and much more.

Please see what customers have said about Relaxing Ambiance Lite:
I love this app! It's free and really helps me relax when I'm stressed. It also helps me fall asleep. Timer comes in handy. Great variety of sounds. Worth getting!!!

Love it
Allows me to totally relax while I futz around on my iPhone. Has lots of different sound combinations and a timer so you can zonk out to it. Well done.

Really cool
Relaxing as nothing else! Great design too

Awese app
Love love love this app. Nature sounds is awesome too :)
I highly recommend this :)

I love this app! Truly amazing! I love the fact that you can turn down certian sounds and add others! Amazing! :D

Here are the amazing features you will get with Relaxing Ambiance:
* You can use it for relaxation, mediation, and yoga, physiotherapy, spa music etc...

* The soundboard has 35 relaxing sounds with which you can combine or enjoy them on their own. Perhaps you will choose the sounds of breaking waves with seagulls, crickets chirping or the sounds of an Irish flute, or perhaps played all together. You can do it all and much more.

* All selected sounds from the soundboard can be saved and replayed later. All you have to do is open the Soundboard and tap on any of the sounds that you would like to combine together and save them.

* We know you, or your child could fall asleep to sounds of nature. So we have included 2 easy to use night timers that you can set to various time intervals to allow you to peacefully fall asleep to any of our breathtaking sounds.

* Wakeup timer allows you to wake up to the sounds of nature. Just set time and your favorite soundtrack. Wakeup Timer allows selecting any sound shipped within the app.

* Completely customizable. Create your own combination from 35 possible sounds save them and use later.

* Every sound in the soundboard has its own volume control.

* iOS 4 background audio support. Play our relaxing sounds while you're using other apps.

* Digital Clock Display with amazing pictures of nature.

* Wakeup timer has a snooze feature.

* Night timers have FadeOut features.

* It is free of charge and no ads. You have nothing to lose, just give it try.

Simply, sleep well and feel better.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Yoga you looking for.

We belive for every paid Yoga app out there there is a equivalent free Yoga app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Yoga apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Yoga apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Yoga apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Yoga app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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