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iHome+Sleep, the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocks

By iHome released on: 2010-01-09T12:41:47Z

iHome+Sleep is the award-winning, feature-rich alarm clock for iOS devices from iHome. iHome+Sleep requires iOS 3.0 or later on iPhone & iPod touch, or iOS 3.2 or later on iPad. For extensive information about iHome apps and app-enhanced products, visit us at

iHome+Sleep is the most feature rich alarm clock app for iOS. Including many ways to enhance your sleep lifestyle, including:
Fully customizable alarm manager
Nap alarms
Gentle wake
Wake and Sleep volume control
Wake and Sleep to iPod library
Wake and Sleep to Internet Radio (requires $0.99 iHome+Radio app)
Full screen clock display with weather widget and custom photo backgrounds
Sleep statistics and editable sleep log
Wake and Sleep reminders
Post to Twitter & Facebook at bedtime and wakeup
Wake to a summary of social feeds, for your "Overnight News"
Configuration screens for numerous iHome app-enhanced devices

iHome+Sleep and related app-enhanced products have won numerous awards, including:
2010 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award (iA5)
2011 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award (iA100)
2011 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award (iA63)
iLounge's CES 2010 Best of Show (iHome+Sleep, iA100)
iLounge's CES 2010 Best of Show Finalist (iA5)
Chicago Tribune: Gadget Roundup's Gadget of the Year 2010 (iA100)
iLounge's 2010 Clock Radio of the Year (iA100)
iLounge's 2010 iPad/iPhone/iPod Accessory of the Year (iA100)

Please note:
On iOS 4.0 and later, iHome+Sleep supports backgrounded alerts for the programmed app alarms. This feature is NOT recommended for use when docked to any speaker dock, including iHome's app-enhanced speaker docks. Background alerts from apps like iHome+Sleep will not sound from the iPhone/iPod internal speaker while docked to an audio accessory, and therefore may go un-detected by users if the audio accessory is powered off, or muted, or in a different mode (such as FM radio). iHome recommends only relying on background alarms when your device is undocked, or connected to a non-audio-capable charger accessory.

*The Innovations Design and Engineering Award is based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CEA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.

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Clock Pro Free - Alarms, Clocks & Alarm Clock

By Alarm Clock Company released on: 2010-12-22T10:52:27Z

CLOCK PRO FREE combines all clock and timer functions in one application.

Clock Pro sets a new standard for mobile clock applications!
By downloading Clock Pro you will get:

Fully featured landscape and portrait alarm clock in seven beautiful designs! Automatic full screen modus.

Wake up with your favorite iPod Music or selected alarm. You can let the music alarm fade in gently and set the fade duration. The music alarm will show a huge snooze button. You can also change the snooze duration.

iPod Music alarms will play when the application is kept open. A shorter alarm will play when the application is closed using local notifications. This system is 100% reliable! Snooze and fade in won't work in this case.

Simple, clean and effective clock with optional sound effects and old-style clock alarms. Automatic full screen modus.

The best chess or game clock on the iPhone. Just put your iPhone on the table and both players have an individual playing time clock.

Find and display global time zones and cities.

"u2714 STOP WATCH:
Easy-to-use Stop Watch with lap control. Export your data to any email address you want.

GPS positioning for your local sunrise, sunset, midday, high tide and low tide. Available for any given date.

Plays music for a selected time. Fall asleep with your favorite iPod music.

"u2714 EGG TIMER:
A complete timer with alarms for all occasions. Count-down multiple timers at the same time. Egg timer alarms are also working when the application is closed!

This metronome helps you keeping track of the rhythm at any speed. From largo to prestissimo.

Count down towards your special day or tells you how long ago that moment was. Sends you optional a notification alarm when the chosen date has arrived - also when the application is closed.

Create projects and manage them easily. Export by email, record and save projects. The timer will always continue, when you are not running the application or even when your iPhone is turned off.

"u2714 24/7 USABILITY
Listen to your iPod, make music or just play a game. No need to run the application. You have full control of your iPhone and are still able to use the the alarm functions of Clock Pro. Isn't that wonderful!

Auto screen lock can be disabled and all timer functions will work while other Clock Pro applications are being used.

☆☆☆☆☆ Share your suggestions!! ☆☆☆☆☆
We will be updating it until it is better than perfect!

MacWorld: App of the week
"Clock Pro, a Swiss Army Knife of Clocks!" iOS4 ready!

The time is right!

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Alarm Clock Free

By iHandySoft Inc. released on: 2009-09-24T10:18:19Z

Alarm Clock Free turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a beautiful digital clock and alarm clock for free! It even displays live, local weather conditions and temperature that makes you know about the weather immediately when you wake up.

If you enjoy Alarm Clock Free, there is a paid version "Alarm Clock Pro" with more features:
- Set your own song or playlist as alarm
- More colorful themes
- Built-in flashlight

Alarm Clock Pro is currently on sale with 50% off and is in top 10 paid apps in more than 30 countries.

In less than 2 weeks of launching, it's now the #1 Utility App across 30+ countries:

#1 in United States
#1 in United Kingdom
#1 in Germany
#1 in Canada

You can hear from our fans all over the world:

"Yeah!! Now I use this app to wake me up. It's cool!"

"Whenever I charge my iPhone on the dock, I run this app simply for its gorgeous LCD display! Love it!!!"

"Simply the best the clock app on the app store! "

"I've added this app to the first page on my iPod touch. It's a perfect alarm clock, easy to use with very sleek graphics. And it works wonderfully even when your iPod/iPhone is in sleep mode!"

Thanks to all our great users!


Features include:

★ Clock ★
- Gorgeous green LCD style display
- Vertical and horizontal modes
- 12 or 24 hour format
- Show/Hide seconds
- Customizable auto-lock time

★ Alarm ★
- Super big Snooze/Stop Alarm buttons
- Multiple alarms supported
- 11 built-in alarm sounds: Ascending, Birds, Classic, Cuckoo, Digital, Electronic, High Tone, Mbira, Old Clock, Rooster, School Bell
- Sound ON/OFF,
- Sound volume adjustable
- Snooze ON/OFF
- Snooze time customizable
- Vibrate ON/OFF
- Sound Fade In: Wake up gently in the morning
- Alarm works even screen is locked or iPhone/iPod touch is in silent mode

★ Weather ★
- Display weather conditions and temperature in your area
- Automatically find your local weather, no need to search through lists of cities
- Support both Fahrenheit and Celsius display

★ Tips ★
- Slide/flick up and down to dim the screen

Enjoy another free app from iHandySoft!

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Clocks Lite

By Rosebrae Technology released on: 2009-12-16T09:36:16Z

Clocks Lite lets you keep track of the time in two places at once, whilst doubling as a gorgeous bedside clock. For Free!

If you like Clocks Lite, there is a paid version "Clocks - Multi Time Zone Alarm Clock" with additional features
- Add as many Clocks as you like
- More themes available
- Use your own music as an alarm

Please Note - You can only add 2 clocks in Clocks Lite

Add up to 2 time zone clocks.
Over 20,000 cities to choose from.
List or expanded mode (vertical or horizontal)
Expand any clock into full screen mode, or rotate the device for full screen horizontal mode.
In full screen modes, other time zones are just a swipe away.

Seven built in alarms.
Add a different alarm for each time zone.
Alarms will go off even if the screen is locked.

Disable screen autolock
Screen dimming in full screen modes.

12 or 24 hour clock format.



New Clocks - To add a new clock, just touch the "+" button at the top of the screen. In Clocks lite, you can only add two clocks, please upgrade to "Clocks - Multi Time Zone Alarm Clock" to add more.

Settings - To change the time zone, add an alarm, or change any other settings just touch the "i" button next to a clock.

Delete - To delete a clock, just touch the "x" button next to it.

Vertical Full Screen Mode - To expand a clock, just touch it's display. This will expand into vertical full screen mode. Swipe up or down to see other clocks if you have added them. Touch the screen to go back to list mode. You can also rotate form vertical screen mode to go into horizontal mode.

Horizontal Full Screen Mode -To enter horizontal full screen mode, just rotate the device. Swipe left and right to see other clocks. Rotate the device to vertical to leave horizontal mode.

Screen Dimming - In full screen mode, the display can be dimmed by touching it with two fingers simultaneously. To undim, either touch again with two fingers, or go back into list mode.

Alarms - Please note as with all third party applications, clocks must be running for any of the alarms to go off. To save battery, run the app and lock the screen.

Multiple Alarms - You can set an alarm for each time zone clock you have running. These alarms will go off simultaneously if desired. Please note that because of limitations with music library playback, only one music alarm will play at a time. If a music alarm is already playing and another music alarm goes off, the second alarm will override the first.

Screen Locking - To disable screen locking, use the Auto-Lock feature in the settings screen. Please be aware that if you disable screen locking and your device is not plugged in then the battery might well empty overnight.

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New Clocks

By Dennerlein Consulting released on: 2010-07-09T01:12:43Z

Ever wonder why we have a base 12 time measurement system? If not, think about it. There are 24 hours in one day, divided into two twelve hour halves. There are also twelve months in a year. Now look at your hands. If you use your thumb to count the joints on your four fingers (only on one hand), you will find that there are twelve joints. Every other scientific standard of measurement is base 10 because we have ten fingers. So why isn't time base 10?

Well now it is! The clocks application comes with four more ways to measure time:
"u27a2New Earth Time
"u27a2Swatch Internet Time
"u27a2Decimal Time

But they're not just a standard set of clocks, they are YOUR clocks. You can customize the background color and the separate font for each clock.

Email us at for support.

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By Tempered Solutions released on: 2010-05-13T09:52:44Z

For a smarter wakeup, use iSnooze, the FREE and FLEXIBLE alarm clock for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Use your favorite iTunes playlist or one of several built in alarm sounds to wake up as gently or forcefully as you choose. For a gentle wakeup, play calm music with a long snooze length. For those difficult wakeups, use the random snooze feature with a loud noise. For bedside convenience, several digital and analog clocks are available, each with an alarm indicator light and rotating screen.

"Tuxedo Rooster" designed by Diego Cadorin.

Please note: until multi-tasking is allowed, the app must be running for the alarm to function.

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goodNite Lite - Alarm Clock Night Light

By Agemarks Technologies released on: 2009-01-23T08:00:00Z

You are unique, so we create this unique app to let you create your very own unique alarm clock. This app is the original clap nightlight, iPod music mix and fade alarm clock on iTunes. this Lite Version is exactly same as our paid version, the only difference is ad is embedded in this one.

★ Clock ★
- Gorgeous LED displays with neon effect, fully customizable size, color (256*256*256) and position.
- Works on all orientation, even upside down!
- Automatic 12/24-mode detection conforms to your system setting.
- Disable screen auto-lock.
- Use your own background image from the photo library or use customizable solid color background.

★ Alarm ★
- Use your own playlist as alarm.
- Gradually increasing volume alarm will wake you up without rush.
- Whole screen as snooze buttons (when alarm sounds, just touch the screen use one finger).
- 7 built-in specially composted alarm sounds: goodNite Harp, Alarm Beep, Buzz, Dog Barking, Door Knocking, Morning Birds and Rooster."u2028- Adjustable max volume to make sure to wake you up.
- Have to close the app to stop the alarm, another way to make sure to wake you up.
- Alarm works even screen is locked (Not on iPad and iOS 4, we are working on the issues) and in silent mode.

★ Nightlight ★
- Clap your hand (or snap your finger, blow into the microphone) to turn on/off the nightlight.
- Adjustable microphone sensitivity level.
- Touch the screen when the alarm sound is not playing will turn on/off the nightlight too.

★ iPod music mix ★
- You can listen to your favorite tunes when going to sleep, and app will stop the music after your set timer.

★ Tips ★
- Adjust display size and position: hold down one finger on the display area for a second, it will shown with a white boarder, now you can move it use one finger or enlarge it or shrink it use two fingers, double tap with one finger to return to normal mode.
- Slide up and down to dim the screen.
- When adjusting sensitivity setting, slide to left for more sensitive, slide to right for less sensitive.

Limits due to iPod Touch hardware:
- iPod Touch do not have built-in microphone, so sound-control cannot work unless you have a working microphone plugged in.
- 1st generation iPod Touch do not have built-in speaker, so you need to have speaker dock or earphone plugged in to hear the alarm sound.

If you are displaying seconds, please let your iPhone or iPod Touch sit on the dock and keep it charge when run this application.

- If you ever need to contact us, please email to, and make sure your spam filter will not block us to reply back to you.

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Alarm Clock Music Sleep Timer FREE (Snooz)

By Steve Tranby released on: 2011-01-11T01:01:41Z

Background iPod Music Alarm and Sleep Timer
Real Random Shuffle
Alarm fires even in background
Works with silent switch off

** LITE VERSION DISPLAYS iADs, only allows 4 songs in playlist, and flashlight is disabled **

Please send any issues and feedback, Thanks!

--- Full Feature List ---
"u2714 Analog, Binary, and Digital Clock Themes
"u2714 12 Clock Colors applied to all themes
"u2714 17 Alarm Sounds
"u2714 Adjust brightness by swiping finger up and down
"u2714 Send Email for Support, Feedback, or Share with a friend
"u2714 12 or 24 hour format
"u2714 Show/Hide seconds
"u2714 Select a playlist for each Alarm (4 songs in Lite version)
"u2714 Multiple alarms supported
"u2714 Shake to Snooze ON/OFF
"u2714 Tap Once to Snooze
"u2714 Tap Twice to Turn Alarm Off
"u2714 Snooze time customizable
"u2714 Vibrate ON/OFF
"u2714 Music Alarm with fade In: Wake up gently in the morning!
"u2714 Music Sleep Timer with fading out
"u2714 Alarm works with screen locked and with silent switch on
"u2714 Slide/flick left and right to change the current playing song
"u2714 Shake to toggle the flashlight (Not in Lite Version)
"u2714 Prevent Auto-Lock
"u2714 Help Guide and About section
"u2714 Snooze AND Shutoff Alarm with Volume Buttons
"u2714 Graphics Improved for Retina Display
"u2714 L.E.D. Flashlight Support (Not in Lite Version)
"u2714 Simple Local Notifications Support
"u2714 Shutoff Alarm with Volume Buttons
"u2714 Podcasts from iPod Library Supported
"u2714 Set wake up volume for each Alarm
"u2714 10 new sounds to wake up to
"u2714 Digital Alarm Clock now fills up screen in landscape
"u2714 Background Support for Alarm Sounds and iPod Music Library

--- iOS 4.x.x NOTES ---
* Local Notifications cannot play iPod Music
* L.E.D. Flashlight will drain battery if you keep it on for an extended period.
* Support for running the alarm app in the background will drain battery faster and it is recommended to have the device plugged in to use this mode.

--- iOS 3.x.x NOTES ---
* This app must be running for an alarm to go off.
* A silent audio file is played to keep the device from entering a deep sleep, and will drain battery life more quickly than when not running an app. This is because the app has to continue running in order to fire an alarm.

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Alarm Clock?

By Kirill Dergachev released on: 2009-02-11T12:45:51Z

Download this free app and see why you'll love Alarm Clock...

Alarm Clock does three things:

1) It displays the time and date in large, legible text great for night stand use. There's also over 16 million colors to choose from.

2) The alarm goes off, even if you turn on silent mode to avoid calls and other alerts. It also doesn't stop going off until you turn it off.

3) There's a flashlight that turns on at the tap of the screen, and you can completely customize the color there too.

Alarm Clock was summed up perfectly in this quote:

"This application is marvelous in its simplicity"

Best of all, it WORKS! Plenty of clocks on the App Store don't and their descriptions say so! The biggest issue with others is that if you let your V2.2 updated iPhone go to sleep the alarms stop functioning! As long as you don't close Alarm Clock FlashLight, it can sleep all night and still sound the alarm when you want.

Special Features:

-Flashlight turns on with a tap of the screen

-More than 16,000,000 colors to choose from for the clock, background, and flashlight

-Built-in help menu to explain all the features!

-Three alarms: intense ring + soothing melody + vibrate (iPhone only for vibrate)

Standard Alarm Clock Features:

-Perfect night stand alarm clock with 9 minute snooze

-Alarm sounds for 30 seconds, pauses for 30 seconds, then sounds again until you turn it off.

-Silent switch ignored

-Vertical or horizontal display

-24 hour time display

-Choose if display goes to sleep or not

-Fully spelled out month and day

-International support

-Absolutely great for getting up at night, seeing what time it is, and using the light to go places!

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Alarmed ~ Reminders, Timers, Alarm Clock

By Yoctoville released on: 2010-08-25T03:12:34Z

REMINDER ALERTS, REUSABLE TIMERS, WAKE-UP ALARMS, SLEEP TIMERS -- A careful blend of simplicity and power. Super quick entry modes with a full arsenal of options when needed. The most awesome Wake-Up Alarm / Sleep Timer available. Over 75 custom sounds, snooze, repeating, pre-alarms and more. Are you alarmed?


Reminder Alerts
Ultra quick entry for basic reminders.
Super Reminder with complete configurability, including robust repeat options, snooze, choice of custom sounds, pre-alarms, notes and more.
Drop-down panel for easy access to key features, including Nag-Me, snoozing options, notes and editing.
The Nag-Me feature allows for auto-repeating of reminders at intervals of either 1 minute or 1 hour. The reminder will continue to repeat until acknowledged.
DayMinders (Extras Package) features repeating reminders throughout the day, such as start at 9:00, repeat every 45 minutes for 8 hours.
Never forget something important again!

Reusable Timers
Ultra quick entry - tap, spin and go.
From 1 second to 99 hours.
CountDown timers for the usual timing events, such as cooking, laundry, etc.
CountUp timers for tracking progress on activities.
Timers are saved for easy reuse.

Wake-Up Alarms and Sleep Timers
Go to sleep with your favorite music playlist or podcast.
Wake up to a differently playlist the next morning.
Sleep Timers feature a unique audio book / podcast mode. Listen to audio for a specified time, then gently switch to sleepy-time music.
Full support for built-in melodies, iTunes playlists, fade-in, fade-out, snooze, vibrate, volume control, backup reminder alarm, a full-featured Wake-Up Alarm Panel and lots more!

Includes over 75 custom sounds. From practical to fun to whacky. See below for a list of sounds.
A complete set of options to configure Alarmed to best suit your needs.
A built-in Mini User's Guide to help you get the most from Alarmed.
Full support for the iPhone 4 Retina Display.
A Universal App with full support for the iPad.


Short Beeps - Beep Beep 1, Beep Beep 2, Rising Beep

Chimes, Bells, Alerts, Alarms - Aircraft Alarm, Airplane Chime 1, Airplane Chime 2, Airport Chime, Air Raid Siren, Button Chime, Buzz Chimes, Doorbell 1, Doorbell 2, EAS Warning, EKG Alarm, Fog Horn, Indian Elephant Bell, Police Siren, Simple Chime, Steam Whistle

Clocks - Alarm Clock 1, Alarm Clock 2, Alarm Clock 3, Cuckoo Clock, Grandfather Clock, Ticking Clock, Timer 1, Timer 2, Watch Alarm

Musical Instruments - Gong, Hammer Klavier, Flute 1, Flute 2, Kazoo, Mouth Harp, Valiha, Violin, Xylophone

Melodic Tunes - Breathless Tune, Dream Tune, Ivory Tune

Scifi, Electronic - Cosmic Flabberzap, Electric SFX 1, Electric SFX 2, Electric SFX 3, Electric SFX 4, Electric SFX 5, Scifi Scanner, Scifi Computer, Space Frog, Theremin, Whopity

Animals - Birds, Cat Meow 1, Cat Meow 2, Creature Snarling, Dog Bark 1, Dog Bark 2, Dragon, Horse 1, Horse 2, Rooster

Human Voice & Sounds - Clapping 1, Clapping 2, Countdown, Do It Now!, Girl Laughing, Momma Help Me, Girl Scream, Snoring, Zombie News Alert, Zombies!

Miscellaneous - Bottle Breaking, Cowbell, Evening Sounds, Happy Birthday, Rain Storm, Retro Game, Silence, Waves and Gulls, Wooden Frog

Extras (Extras Package) - Blues Funk, Cello Chords, Church Bells, Fiddle Tune, Frog Symphony, Klaxon (short), Landing Notice, Referee Whistle, Saxophone, Sitar Music, Star Ship Warning, Thunder, Trumpet Reveille, Wind Chimes

~~~ Are you Alarmed? ~~~

Note: Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.

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Alarm Night Clock Lite

By Hana Mobile released on: 2009-07-31T06:07:25Z

High definition UI for iPhone4!!

Want to turn your iphone/ipod touch on the night stand as a clock? Want to customize its color and theme? This free clock provides all you want: multiple alarms, vibration alarm, weekday/weekend repeat settings, digital/analog theme, color, time/date format, auto-dim, portrait/landscape mode, travel time zone mode. It even comes with a bonus flashlight! This is the free version of "Alarm Night Clock" which also provides more functions like music alarms and music sleep timer.

** ALARM **
- Multiple alarms
- Alarm in iPhone sleep and silent mode
- Weekday/weekend repeat settings
- Vibration alarm
- Non-stop alarm
- Whole-screen touch snooze
- Customize snooze interval
- Customize alarm duration
- 7 built-in alarm sounds

** CLOCK **
- More than 16,000,000 colors
- Portrait and landscape modes
- Screen auto dim, tap to see the time
- Four beautiful Digital/Analog themes
- Show/hide seconds, AM/PM
- Show/hide date, weekday
- 12/24 hour format
- Disable/enable auto-lock
- Optional Travel time zone mode
- Slide finger up/down to adjust brightness
- Compatible with iPhone 2.0, 2.1, 2.2.1 and 3.0

- Double tap to turn on
- Tap again to turn off

** HINTS **
- Slide your finger up/down to adjust brightness
- Enable auto-dim to save battery
- Recommended to keep iPhone on external power

** FAQ **
- Q: How to adjust the backlight (background glowing)?
A: Go to iPhone Settings->Brightness to adjust backlight.
- Q: Why doesn't alarm go off?
A: Like all alarm clocks in app store, the app must be running to use the alarm. Make sure the volume is not zero and repeat flag is set to everyday or any weekday you want.

- Email
- Website

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Smart Alarm Clock FREE: sleep cycles & phases

By ARAWELLA CORPORATION released on: 2010-09-13T04:32:20Z

"u272d"u272d"u272d Smart Alarm Clock FREE monitors sleep cycles and ensures the perfect wake-up time!
"u272d"u272d"u272d 5 special wake-up tunes
"u272d"u272d"u272d Detailed statistics with duration of each sleep phase.

To feel good and energetic during the day, you need to wake up at the time which is the best for your body - during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phase when the awakening threshold is minimal.

Smart Alarm Clock FREE monitors your sleep cycles and wakes you up at the best time!


-The unique STrack 2.0"u00a9 algorithm precisely monitors and registers your sleep cycles and phases
-Smart Alarm Clock FREE will wake you up at the best moment within the time frame you choose

-5 special tunes for awakening - various music genres and sounds of nature

-convenient visualization of all kinds of stats in form of graphs
-use the multi-touch function to view graphs and zoom in their parts for better identification of parameters

-the Snooze function
-the wake-up alarm is accompanied by vibration - you'll wake up by all means
-2 time formats: AM/PM and 24-hour
-the display of iPhone/iPod is fading to avoid premature deterioration

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Alarm Clocks you looking for.

We belive for every paid Alarm Clocks app out there there is a equivalent free Alarm Clocks app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Alarm Clocks apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Alarm Clocks apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Alarm Clocks apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Alarm Clocks app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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