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Oregon Coast Travel Guide

By Coastal Guidebooks released on: 2010-08-22T03:14:40Z

Traveling all or part of the scenic 300 mile Oregon Coast on Hwy101 is an experience enjoyed by millions of people per year. Hwy 101 on the north and central Oregon Coast will take you past historical sites such as Lewis and Clark's winter camping home onthe Pacific near Seaside, thru towering green rain forests, fishing villages and resort areas with hundreds of hotels, further on winding up rugged headlands with spectacular views, and into the desert like landscapes of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation area. The southern Oregon Coast offers a unique array of attractions including Bandon's world famous golf resorts, beautiful beaches all along the way, the renowned Rogue River and much more.

With the Oregon Coast Travel Guide you can see hundreds of listings for hotels, attractions and all kinds of travel information and be able to easily click on links to go to the homepages of Oregon Coast hotels, restaurants and get more detailed information. Our Mobile site is especially designed for ease of use and readability with large fonts.

Scroll through hundreds of listings for Oregon Coast Hotels, Vacation Rentals, B&Bs, Restaurants and more

Large Easy to Read Fonts

Pet Friendly Oregon Coast Lodgings page

Large & detailed Oregon Coast Map

Oregon Coast Restaurant Menus

Hotel Discounts

Oregon Coast Recreation & Attractions

Click on highlighted phone numbers on your iPhone to callhotels easily

Company: Coastal Guidebooks

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By released on: 2009-11-03T12:56:28Z

iTravelFree is a free mobile gateway to Wikitravel, the Wikipedia of travel guides.

Use it to download Wikitravel pages, navigate their information with an iTunes-like interface, plot the sights/restaurants/hotels/etc on a map, and add/edit listings yourself.

All the data you download remains available when offline, too.

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Rest Area Finder

By Clean Micro, LLC released on: 2009-10-13T09:50:02Z

This Free application automatically finds your location and displays nearby rest areas. The rest areas are displayed on a map along with your current location. In addition to rest areas, scenic vistas and welcome centers are also shown on the map. The rest areas are displayed with different colored hot air ballon icons. To find out more information about each place you simply click on the hot air ballon icon. When you click on an icon more information such as amenities are given to you.

As you move, the application will notice your location has changed and automatically update the map. There is a settings icon on the bottom right of the map that allows you to change how far out (from your current location) you want to look. You can change this from 100 to 500 miles.

It's really easy to figure out the distance from current location to the rest area.

We have thousands of rest areas for you to discover, however some close, some new ones pop up. So we've included a button to leave your comment or you can send us email if some of the information is not correct.

Currently only rest areas in the US and CA are covered.

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CultureNOW: A Guidebook for the Museum Without Walls, Lower Manhattan

By cultureNOW released on: 2010-12-10T11:53:44Z

Experience Public Art and Architecture in Downtown Manhattan for FREE

CultureNOW's Museum Without Walls program is offering the Downtown Manhattan iPhone app free to the public. This app places information about hundreds of pieces of public art and architecture in the palm of your hand and comes complete with location maps, self-guided tours, and podcasts. With insights from artists, architects, historians and people who have shaped the city, experience our city's cultural history as you walk the streets of Downtown Manhattan.

From the Battery to SoHo, from Chinatown to the World Trade Center, from TriBeCa to Wall Street

1000 sites - Including the Statue of Liberty, Castle Clinton, Battery Park, Museum of the American Indian, the Tenement Museum and Frank Gehry's Beekman Tower.

2000 pictures - Admire artwork by Louise Nevelson, Alexander Calder, Isamu Noguchi, Mark Di Suvero, and Jean Dubuffet.

6 walking tours - Follow the footsteps of the Wall Street Crash of 1929, Jewish Arrival in Lower Manhattan, Revolutionary War Sites in New York, or learn about the skyline while biking along the esplanade.

70 podcasts - Hear artists talk about their murals and sculptures, historians describe the immigrant experience, architects discuss their latest buildings, and city planners explain the future of parks and the cityscape.

If you've ever felt like New York is only fun with money, this app is for you. It's your guide to some of the city's richest institutions--and they're always available and always free.

CultureNOW is a nonprofit organization dedicated to mapping and promoting the "Museum without Walls"--the many cultural institutions and works of public art and architecture that make the New York landscape what it is.

Please contact as at if you have a technical issue.

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By I TOUR U released on: 2011-03-11T01:54:47Z

Discover, experience, create and share Pocket Tours for the world around you.

By reinventing the dusty ol' museum audio tour we've created a whole new platform for creativity and real world adventure. I TOUR U lets you get up close and personal with the world around you through curated multi-media narratives about anything!

"u2713 Publish multi-media tours: tag routes and record audio, add text and a photo to each stop
"u2713 Easily discover niche local Pocket Tours relevant to you
"u2713 Experience Pocket Tours at your own pace anytime
"u2713 Find your way with GPS
"u2713 Share Pocket Tours with friends on Facebook and Twitter
"u2713 Get recommendations from friends
"u2713 Vote on your favorite tours
"u2713 See how your friends are traveling
"u2713 Earn I TOUR U Passport Stamps for being adventurous

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Hong Kong Local Delicacies

By Hong Kong Tourism Board released on: 2010-01-18T08:00:00Z

Hong Kong Local Delicacies is an e-guidebook introducing you to four types of classic Hong Kong foods: Congee, Rice Noodles, Noodles and Rice. Well-known gourmets and celebrities from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South East Asia were invited to recommend their favourite restaurants. This e-guidebook contains their 40 recommendations along with some useful Cantonese phrases, restaurant contact details and street maps. So download this application now to experience the true Hong Kong!

"u300a"u9999"u6e2f"u5473"uff0e"u9999"u6e2f"u60c5"uff0d"u7ca5"u3001"u7c89"u3001"u9762"u3001"u996d"u300b"u7535"u5b50"u996e"u98df"u6307"u5357"uff0c"u4e3a"u60a8"u4ecb"u7ecd"u9999"u6e2f"u56db"u5927"u7ecf"u5178"u98df"u54c1 "u2500 "u7ca5"u3001"u7c89"u3001"u9762"u3001"u996d"uff0c"u7f51"u7f57"u9999"u6e2f"u3001"u53f0"u6e7e"u3001"u65e5"u672c"u53ca"u4e1c"u5357"u4e9a"u5730"u533a"u7684"u7f8e"u98df"u5bb6"u548c"u77e5"u540d"u4eba"u58eb"u6240"u63a8"u8350"u768440"u95f4"u9910"u9986"u3002"u672c"u6307"u5357"u66f4"u63d0"u4f9b"u9910"u9986"u548c"u83dc"u5f0f"u540d"u79f0"u7684"u7ca4"u8bed"u53d1"u97f3"u3001"u9910"u9986"u7684"u8054"u7edc"u65b9"u6cd5"u548c"u5730"u56fe"uff0c"u65b9"u4fbf"u60a8"u5c55"u5f00-"u4e00"u6b21"u5730"u9053"u7f8e"u98df"u4e4b"u65c5"u3002"u8bf7"u5373"u4e0b"u8f7d"uff01

Available in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese.

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By Localyte Inc. released on: 2009-09-15T12:12:25Z

Put the world's first living, breathing travel guide in your pocket and never feel like a clueless tourist again!

Access travel guides for over 25,000 destination and connect with local experts in almost 200 countries for further information, advice and services - all for free! Localyte has got you covered wherever you happen to be and wherever you're heading next.

Step off the tourist track and enjoy unique experiences at your travel destination by using Localyte's Pocket Sherpa to:

Access Travel Guides for 25,000+ destinations (Cities, States, Countries) whether you're online or offline.
Connect with 40,000+ local experts in 7,000+ destinations.
Browse 150,000 local services like Balloon Rides, City Tours, Fishing Tours, Bike Tours, etc.

To Start using Localyte on your iPhone:

Explore the world by spinning the 3D Globe/Atlas with your finger: Double-tap a country to get info on it
Access info and local experts at your current destination by tapping the "Nearby" button on the bottom bar
- Once you choose a place, slide the top bar to see different services, people and information relating to it
If you're not connected, see all the guides you've reviewed in the past by tapping "Offline" on the bottom bar.

Other features in Localyte:

Send private messages with questions to local experts
Use built-in mailbox features to access sent questions sent and received answers
- Read Public Questions and Answers posted by other users
- Browse local newspapers at your destination
- See recent Twitter posts from your destination

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What's Next

By NileGuide released on: 2010-02-20T08:00:00Z

Get recommendations for nearby things to do, restaurants, nightlife, hotels while on-the-go - designed with the spontaneous adventurer in mind.

"t The new standard for geo-location based travel apps: With the "Near Me" tool, find suggestions for things to do close to where you are right now. Change plans on the fly, see what's nearby in seconds and a map to get there.

"t In depth local expertise: Fresh, objective highlights and tips from our global team of local experts all over the world.

"t Customizable search: Powerful filtering tools based on attributes such as kid-friendly, off the beaten path, active/adventure, top attractions, etc.

"t Bookmark functionality: Collect points of interest and save them to your quick list for easy planning ahead or on the road.

"t The world in the palm of your hand: Hundreds of global destination guides, from San Francisco to Singapore, all in one app - no need to download an app for every place you visit.

"The hotel, restaurant and activity suggestions were good helpfully informed by a "u2018local expert.'" - New York Times

"Get personalized city guides without all the heft, at NileGuide" - Thrillist

"The excellent "Things to Do" feature gives a comprehensive directory of attractions" -- Good Housekeeping

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Beautiful Planet - Free Passage: A photographic journey around the world

By Banzai Labs released on: 2010-01-13T06:04:44Z

"Beautiful Planet - Free Passage" is a free sampling of the full "Beautiful Planet" app containing 56 of the 570 images contained in the full application, and 10 of the 15 galleries. We hope you enjoy this free sample and choose to purchase the complete Beautiful Planet app as well.

The full Beautiful Planet app is a groundbreaking app that captures the breathtaking beauty of our world and its cultures. Featuring a collection of galleries three decades in the making by famed travel photographer, author and explorer, Peter Guttman, Beautiful Planet spans seven continents and 160 countries.

The images were curated by Peter Guttman from over one million of his photographs and each is accompanied by his artful description of the moment when each photograph was taken, written specifically for this app.

The full Beautiful Planet app contains over 570 photographs, spanning 15 regional galleries across an intuitive map-based design. All at once a savvy encyclopedia of the world, a striking art gallery, an evocative poetry selection and an inspiring travel planner, Beautiful Planet is a lovingly curated, incisively written and joyous portrait of the planet -- a rich resource of knowledge about the wonders of the world around us.

** Reviews of Peter Guttman's work **

* "Stunning images...sumptuous, dramatically lit shots."
-- New York Times

* "One of the premiere travel photographers."
-- CNN

* "Guttman's photographs capture the spirit of a place."
-- Time

* "Such a beautiful vision."
-- CBS This Morning

* "His photographs all seem to glow from an inner light."
-- Dallas Morning News

* "Peter Guttman is a gutsy photographer who has taken pictures all over the world and paints glorious word-pictures with extraordinary photographs."
-- Popular Photography

** About Peter Guttman **

Two times named the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year, called a "one-man Explorers Club" in the New York Times, and with zero inhibitions, Peter Guttman has blanketed the planet to create a far-reaching survey of both nearby dazzling landmarks and unknown, intriguing corners of our terrestrial home.

The author and creator of a hardcover award-winning book series for Fodors Travel Publications, an on-air expert for the Travel Channel and A&E Television and the recipient of solo photographic exhibitions at Sotheby's and the United Nations, Peter Guttman skillfully introduces the user to the marvels of our planet.

Photographs and description are Copyright 2009 Peter Guttman and legally licensed by permission of Peter Guttman.

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Tourist Eye

By Tourist Eye released on: 2010-03-27T07:08:24Z

★ Tourist Eye, a free web & mobile travel guide: Get inspired, plan your trip, access information wherever you are and share photos and comments in social networks.


"u2665 Top #1 on App Store Travel ranking for several weeks.

"u2665 Top #10 on App Store General ranking for several weeks.

"u2665 Featured on Techcrunch, Tnooz and other prestigious blogs.



"u2714 Information, photos and maps available offline. Avoid paying expensive roaming charges while traveling.

"u2714 Integrated with Twitter and Facebook. Share every detail of your trip on real time.

"u2714 Share photos, messages, comments, check-in's and add new places while traveling, even offline!

"u2714 Web & Mobile Trip Journal to share your experience with those who are at home.

"u2714 Touristic points of interest, restaurants and leisure attractions. Always up-to-date information to discover everything about the cities you visit.

"u2714 Trip planning: Select the dates, the people who will travel with you and the cities you are going to visit. You'll have all the information on your iPhone.

"u2714 City Tours: Enjoy tours created by other users and enjoy every detail from your destination: gastronomic tours, rainy days tours, bicycle routes, etc.


★ Hundreds of cities available ★

Travel guides of Madrid, Barcelona, Londres, Bangkok, Par"u00eds, Singapore, New York, Rome, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Estambul, Praha, Venetia, Rio de Janeiro, Viena, Berlin, Las Vegas, Florence, Washington, Dublin, Varsovia, Budapest, Tokyo and many more cities and villages...



Remember that Tourist Eye works without Internet. Even the maps and your position will be available offline.

You can visit to get inspired and plan your trip in a much more detailed way. You can even invite friends to join your trip.

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Essential Paris Guide

By FourEyesUp released on: 2011-02-15T10:36:21Z

This essential guide to a visit to Paris brings you all the information you need in one tiny app, now with more pictures.

Need to get from the airport to the city? Want to know where to find free wifi? Want to know which hotel to stay in? Need to know the closest recommended hotel to you? The Essential Paris guide app contains all this and more.

Some highlights of this powerful directory:

- Accommodation (which hotels can't be missed)
- Airport Information (a quick guide to navigating to, from and around Charles de Gaulle and Orly)
- Connectivity (free wifi and a guide to mobile phones in France)
- Culture (everything from media to sport, what to say and what not to say)
- Find near me
- Money (how much will it cost)
- Safety and Security (crime, embassies, medicine and other useful info)
- Transport and Travel (navigating the Metro, RER, Buses, Velib system and cars)

All with plenty of web links to help you find further information!

Perfect for the busy traveler, the Essential Paris guide is the fast, simple way to see the capital of France.

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By FIP Operations LLC released on: 2010-05-20T09:44:23Z

iFIP is an insider's guide to your upcoming weekend in Fire Island Pines. We'll tip you to the hottest events, the parties with the most buzz and the best DJ's playing the island. We'll help you get here, and help you decide what to do when you arrive. iFIP is Summer Perfected - right in your pocket.

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Street Mosaic

By Street Mosaic released on: 2011-03-16T05:31:33Z

Street Mosaic is the only guidebook built by travelers for travelers. As any traveler knows, the best travel tips are from other travelers, social and instant.

Share your discoveries by simply taking a picture and tag with a single key word.
See what your missing around your neighborhood.
Explore interesting sights around the world.

Our launch product features include:

* Share as many discoveries as you like through our photo upload
* Explore around you, interesting or recent
* See where you made discoveries
* Search community discoveries by title, tags, or descriptions
* Author a travel tip for the travel community
* Activate directions to discover locations yourself
* "Like" a discovery
* Front and back camera support
* Support for iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, and iPod Touch (with iOS >= 4.1)

We are building new features so Share your feedback on what you like to See and Explore.

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Buffalo Zoo

By Odysseus Mobile released on: 2010-08-01T03:12:05Z

The Buffalo Zoo's NorthStar app engages and entertains visitors without the need to carry a paper map or guidebook of the zoo. Visitors are presented with an electronic map of the grounds where key points of interest are highlighted. Users are easily able to access multimedia information about exhibits, amenities or events at the venue by tapping on the push pins on the map or by searching alphabetically. Most usefully, app users are able to locate themselves within the zoo grounds using GPS technology and fully-featured versions allow users to get directions to exhibits and amenities at the zoo. In addition, visitors are encouraged to interact with their friends, family and zoo authorities via Facebook, Twitter and surveys within the app. Download the app to experience it yourself and discover these and the many other fun features of the NorthStar App!

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Essential London Guide

By FourEyesUp released on: 2011-02-03T12:27:53Z

This essential guide to a visit to London brings you all the information you need in one tiny app.

Need to get from the airport to the city? Want to know where to find free wifi? Want to know which hotel to stay in? Need the number of an embassy? The Essential London guide app contains all this and more.

Some highlights of this powerful directory:

- Accommodation (which hotels can't be missed)
- Airport Information (a quick guide to navigating Heathrow and Gatwick)
- Gastronomy (London's best bars and restaurants)
- Connectivity (free wifi and a guide to mobile phones in the UK)
- Culture (everything from media to sport, what to say and what not to say)
- Find near me
- Money (how much will it cost)
- Safety and Security (crime, embassies, medicine and other useful info)
- Transport and Travel (navigating the London Underground, buses, bikes and cars)

All with plenty of web links to help you find further information!

Perfect for the busy traveler, the Essential London guide is the fast, simple way to see one of the world's greatest cities.

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W+K Shanghai Guide

By W+K Shanghai released on: 2010-10-28T11:08:38Z

***W+K Shanghai Guide***

Shanghai rules! We absolutely love it here and we want to show you why. So we've collected the best of the best from all the locals and in-the-know expat peeps we know. We've taken all their top-secret places and rolled them all up into this shiny new app just for you.

So charge up your iPhone and get ready to rock this town.

BUY is Shanghai's official sport. So this is a great place to practice the art of bargaining, but be strong because the Shanghainese are black belts at it. Okay. Here is the list. You're going to need an ATM.


So much to do, so little time. We know. Hit up these places to get a summarized sense of all the awesomeness this great city has to offer.


Prepare to get fat. Shanghai is exploding with new top-notch restaurants from internationally renowned chefs. Not to mention the flurry of secret local joints serving up Chinese food that will punch your tongue in the taste bud. These are the places we're addicted to.


Whether you're into sipping bubbly and dancing until sunrise, or rocking Chucks and playing foosball to Golden Era hip-hop, Shanghai's party scene is booming and it's got something for everyone. Here are our top picks.

***About W+K Shanghai***

W+K Shanghai is a creative communications company focused on connecting with China and the world through innovative and powerful ideas. Creatively driven and independently led, like all of W+K's offices, we provide provocative solutions to clients who want to develop long-lasting and engaging relationships with their consumers. We believe in collaborating with local and international talent, bringing the best together in order to produce work that is both engaging and culturally relevant.

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By Crimson Bamboo LLC released on: 2010-11-10T02:33:26Z

Ever wanted to walk through Chicago after the Great Fire? Watch the Brooklyn Bridge emerge from the depths of the East River? Experience the wild abandon of Mardi Gras during the Depression? Rama is the app for that.

With new tours being added every week, Rama allows you to experience history like never before. Rama turns the iPhone into a digital tour guide that doesn't just lead you to the historical sites and tell you the story behind them, but also presents archival photographs and etchings to show you how those places once actually looked. See for yourself the rocky swamp that became Central Park, the few lonely buildings that remained standing after the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, or the raucous anarchist demonstrations that once seized Union Square. There's no deeper way to know a place you're visiting, or the place you call home, than seeing its historical evolution with your own eyes.

Currently, Rama is limited to 3G enabled devices only.

Have a tour you'd like to suggest, or write yourself? Go to and let us know!

NOTE: Due to our desire to include high-quality photos and artwork with the tours, we strongly recommend that the first launch of the app occur while your device is connected to a wifi network. This will prevent an overly long load time and/or delayed navigation controls at startup.

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Take A Way - Visual multi-language phrasebook

By Swoolt released on: 2009-07-30T05:08:34Z

Ever felt lost in the foreign country with no phrasebook and without knowing how to ask the way in local language? Take A Way gives you the possibility to ask locals without knowing the language - just show them the easily recognizable symbol on your iPhone or iPod. No matter where: to the beach or to the airport, Take A Way will help you asking the way. Application is fully localized, and translations for the symbols available in more than twenty languages (new languages added in every new version).

After selecting the symbol for translation just swipe the translation subtitle left and right to select the right language. It will be stored in your settings, so you don't need to scroll through all languages when you will start this application again.

Inspired by traveller's T-Shirt, as seen on German TV:

Featuring English, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian (bokm"u00e5l), Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Chinese translations, this application is a phrasebook in any language you like: English, Deutsch, dansk, espa"u00f1ol (castellano), suomi, fran"u00e7ais, italiano, "u65e5"u672c"u8a9e, "ud55c"uad6d"ub9d0, norsk (bokm"u00e5l), Nederlands, polszczyzna, portugu"u00eas, "u0440"u0443"u0441"u0441"u043a"u0438"u0439, svenska, T"u00fcrk"u00e7e, "u0443"u043a"u0440"u0430"u0457"u043d"u0441"u044c"u043a"u0430, "u7e41"u9ad4"u4e2d"u6587, "u7b80"u4f53"u4e2d"u6587

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By IGROVE INC. released on: 2010-08-01T07:59:15Z

This app provides you a wonderful trip!
Have a good trip!

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By The Workshop released on: 2010-07-20T11:18:34Z

Mission:Explore London is a unique way for kids, families, tourists and locals to explore London. There are missions for specific locations, and others that can be done anywhere in the world. The app will help you discover the hidden geographies that surround you. But be warned, after using it you'll never see the world in the same way again.

What it is
We've packed this app with hundreds of micro-adventures, challenges and activities for you to complete. Use your head, legs, arms and imagination to complete as many missions as you can. That way you'll have lots of experiences that may otherwise pass you by. Whether you're rating rules in a secret garden, counting animals on an urban safari or looking for lost treasure (Links to missions on website), Mission:Explore will help you see and do things differently.

How it works
Use our handy map to find your location and discover missions near you. Once done, mark your mission as completed and share your rating with the explorer community. Alternatively, browse for an Anywhere mission and show where you completed it.

Who created it
All Mission:Explore challenges are dreamed up and developed by experienced explorers from The Geography Collective. We spend time carefully planning each mission to give you a new experience with each challenge you attempt. We also check every single mission to make sure it's reasonably safe, and offer advice to help you avoid getting stuck down a hole, insulted by a pigeon or eaten by an angry cat.

Based on the book Mission:Explore by The Geography Collective and published by Can of Worms, this app is your guide to exploring and seeing London in new ways. Mission:Explore London has been supported by an Ordnance Survey GeoVation Award. It has been developed by The Geography Collective and The Workshop.

- A growing list of exciting missions, with hundreds to explore.
- Nearby missions can be found using your current map location.
- Anywhere missions can be completed wherever you are in the world.
- Training helps new explorers get started and gives safety advice.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Travel Guidebooks you looking for.

We belive for every paid Travel Guidebooks app out there there is a equivalent free Travel Guidebooks app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Travel Guidebooks apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Travel Guidebooks apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Travel Guidebooks apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Travel Guidebooks app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

Travel Guidebooks Apps Users Comments